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June 28, 2021


I like his humour, it is delivered in Lorre-loads ;-)


The Kominsky Method is great! A couple of old men grumbling. It's fab.

That vanity card, IMO, is right on the nose.

I have only watched a couple of those sit-coms. I've probably seen every BBT a couple of times. Two and a half Men I've seen a lot of, but certainly not every episode (I really dislike the Rose episodes, so purposefully have missed those). Mom was hit or miss since it never seemed to have a permanent home and I don't care enough to go searching for it. I've seen a few of Young Sheldon. Roseanne, I saw a lot of and enjoyed. The rest I may have seen parts of episodes, but they did not spark my interest and I'm sure I've never seen a full episode of those.

I also find the same issues with some of his humor that you mention.

Liz--"Kominsky Method" may have been offered, here; but, somehow, I missed it. OTOH: I hear enough grumbling old men in real life. I don't really need to seek them out. *smiling*

Bogie--I was charmed by Lorre's use of sarcasm in his last phrase in the vanity card.

Rose was a bit woo-woo in "Two and a Half Men" (a program more to your dad's taste than mine) and Charlie Sheen's character could be a bit much. The writing for Sheen's replacement was tortured.

"Rosanne" was good and started the run of using Johnny Galecki, Sara Gilbert, and Laurie Metcalf (as far as I had seen, at least) and used George Clooney or Shelley Winters for several episodes (both were enjoyable watches for me.) John Goodman was good, but I've not seen him much, since.

I enjoyed "Cybill" and it introduced the delightful, to me, Christine Baranski who has been in several of the later Lorre productions (notably BBT, along with Galecki, Gilbert, and Metcalf).

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