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May 21, 2021


Loss of sense of smell is a symptom of Covid-19 :-(
Get HH tested.

As CC mentioned, HH's sense of smell has declined over years, not in the last couple of days. Loss of smell also happens during allergy season (even if not allergic, extremely high pollen counts can have an effect), the common cold and other reasons. Not saying it's impossible, but it is unlikely that HH has Covid since he has been vaccinated and rarely leaves the house anyway. Additionally, his food choices have been changing over the years, probably somewhat related to the change in his smeller.

I never would have guessed that as a dogwood. But, I don't have dogwoods, so don't really know what they look like besides the beautiful flowers I have seen from afar as I'm driving :)

Your garden areas are looking lovely and I can almost smell the roses thru the screen. Sorry the yew is no longer amongst the living, but gives you an excuse to do something different with that section.

Stu--Thanks for the thought; but, Bogie is right on. HH has nothing to worry about as far as COVID-19 goes.

BTW: Congratulations on getting your own 2nd jab. Well done!

Bogie--I don't know cause/effect of HH's evolutions; but, not only have HH's food "tolerances" changed, he is now tolerant of my cooking cruciferous vegetables - to which he used to be quite sensitive. Too, he no longer demands to know the identity of each food on his plate. He will occasionally ask, but it is not as once it was when he always asked "What is this?" before trying a bite.

I was confused when I saw the bush dogwood at the nursery, having been unaware of the different forms of "dogwood". The trees that we think of as dogwood are distinguished as "flowering dogwood".

Thanks for noticing the rose fragrances and the commiseration on the yew. At one time we had a line of yews on that side of the house and more about 20 feet across from them, in a planting bed. The only surviving yews are the sentinels at the front entry. The dead yew provided shielding for my bedroom window. Fortunately, the house next door has a single window that would have a view - from a bathroom in which they keep the shades drawn.

P.S. to Bogie--If I can get the plan past your father, I plan to have that area excavated to install another escape window - partly for the safety, but mostly so that bedroom can be advertised as a bedroom when we/you sell this house. Besides, it would make the room so much more pleasant (not that I now find it unpleasant!) In the meantime, if you have any thoughts on what to do there, please feel free to contribute.

When we built, it never occurred to me that we were constructing a house with but two bedrooms. (Neither den is located to provide short access to a bathroom, so don't lend themselves to bedroom use.) It's an odd combination, the moderately large size of the house and the paucity of bedrooms.

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