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May 11, 2021


That tomato plant sees a little small to be blooming already. Of course not knowing what type it is, nor can I really tell how tall it is, I could be totally mistaken.

It is probably a Jet Star; but, it is raining too hard for me to go look at the label just now. (I might melt.)

The rain let up. That, and the other "best looking" tomato plant, are Jet Stars. The one that is most exposed and looks the worst is a Bella Roma salad tomato plant that I had mistakenly bought, thinking I was getting a Roma-type tomato (which it may be...we shall see.) The fourth plant no longer has a label, but it is a beefsteak-style tomato plant.

I think that the photo is a little misleading since I was standing over it when I took the photo. (I can't see the view-finder, outdoors, because it is washed out by too much light.) The plant is 12-16 inches tall.

Bella Rosa? I Googled and can't find Bella Roma except as a location / company

One point for Bogie. I don't know whether I can't read, can't remember, can't....Thanks for the correction. I got to wade through the wet grass and breath in the 120% humidity to check the tag. Noticed toadstools growing in the grass.

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