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May 26, 2021


Stubbornness, in our family? Never - LOL. Glad he is doing well. Just the thought of shots beneath the toenails makes me shudder!

I perspire quite freely - but did not inherit the non-stink gene :-/

Sorry to read of your Prof. friend having Covid but reading of his experience surely does make one pleased to have taken the vaccine which would hopefully lessen some of those symptoms even if the virus was contracted as occurs to a few. Interesting to read of the ideas and plans for the grant he sought.

Also, sounds like you're challenged with HH in his recovery from his medical issues. I do hope it does go easier for him and you, too, in the days ahead.

Bogie--As you may recall, although I perspire very little, nervous perspiration under arms was quite a challenge. For most of my life I applied one type of de-fox over another and still had clothing get very (stinky) damp. Now...not so much, thankfully. (Or, maybe my nose isn't as keen as I think!)

Of course, there's not much that makes me really nervous these days. My days of facing testing are behind me. I was a basket case for my oral defense of my thesis and on my instrument rating check flight, for instance. Not as nerve wracking for me were the "bullets & bracelets" performances during which times I had to present/defend my organization's work to one or another branch of the military. Fortunately, I never had to (as your dad had to) deal with generals in opposition (I worked for a retired two-star for a while): my top level brass were colonels.

Joared--Nick wrote that his whole family has also been fully vaccinated, since--when vaccine became available.

For some reason, HH was just on a tear Friday. Yesterday, he was quite willing to have me change his bandages. I should count his Aricept tablets to see if maybe he unknowingly skipped a dose. It was marked off on his accounting sheet, which is pretty reliable, but something made him really snarking and uncooperative (even for him!) that one day.

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