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May 15, 2021


The fact that the last paragraph of this reads like total gibberish to me doesn't bode well for the user-friendliness of whatever they're talking about. I'm no expert but I'm far from being in the most computer-illiterate tier of people.

(HyperFIDO..... let me guess, it's a dog that travels faster than light?)

"Click on every square containing a boat" may be annoying and time-wasting, but at least everybody understands it.

Some days I just give up on Captcha. Click on every street light - what? I can't see more than one in the whole picture, but that obviously isn't the right answer (as proven by the many rejections I get). Then, when it is click on a car, I don't know if they mean a 4-wheel vehicle (including trucks and/or SUVs), or just sedan type vehicles. At the same time, I'm with Infidel753, I'm unsure what they are saying is the solution. And I'm not clicking on that link to try it out - it sounds like total click bait.

Infidel--As Bogie illustrates, not all of us find the instructions so clear cut on CAPTCHA. I usually give up after missing three or four challenges; but, as a test, have gone through as many as seven or eight challenges before saying, "Screw this!" and deleting that blog from my favorites. I miss some good blogs that way, but I find the angst caused by CAPTCHA to be unacceptable.

Bogie--Nor was I willing to click on that particular link.

Thanks to Infidel & Bogie for the impetus toward my doing more research. The BBB page on that San Francisco based company is indeterminate. I have removed the link that Bogie addresses.

BTW: I must admit to having had to read the last paragraph of the item more than once - and having to do a little research - but the concept is simple enough, if they are not pulling my leg.

Most difficult Captcha for the guys: a porn pic and ask them to click on the clitoris ;-)

Sorry, different humour here maybe.

I don't like CAPTCHA either but not sure the proposed replacement is an improvement despite the time saving they claim.

So, a dongle for the human instead of for the game. A 1980's solution. I like it.

A future mugging: "Please don't hurt me! My wife is pregnant! Here's my wallet! Take my keys!" "Gimme yer dongle." (This is too much. The coroner finds the assailant's dongle firmly lodged up his...y'know. "Third case I've seen this week and it's only Tuesday.")

QSL, youngsters.

500 human years a day?! Most of that is me!

Liz--And here I was thinking most of it was me. Frustration, thy name is CAPTCHA.

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