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May 14, 2021


I hate weed wacking, and can totally understand how it creates sore muscles. I try to restrict use of the weedeater to twice per summer.

Bogie--Weed wacking is one job that I wish HH would do. Years ago (20-25) we bought a good gasoline-powered trimmer. HH used it once, and that was that. The darned engine burned my arm when I used it a few times, so I got rid of it - in favor of the battery powered type. One summer, I had TenderCare edge the driveway, sidewalk, patio, and along the paving block edges to the planting beds. It was $70 each time! We have much too much edging - and that doesn't include getting around trees, steps to the woods, and around the drain outlets, sumps, and irrigation system access ports. If only I could talk HH into going with a fine-leaved, low-growing Buffalo grass....

I'm quite impressed with the fact that you are adding exercise to your gardening. You should be amazingly fit! I've been exercising via zoom for a good part of the pandemic. I think I may return to in-person exercise in about a month, when we start a new session.

Buffy--It is much more fun to join others in exercise sessions, which I'm taking that you still do. (Do you still lead?) I wish I could find (but, of course, I'm not putting much effort into it) a group that was simpatico with my level of fitness and age. The community recreation center has a lot of organized sessions, but concentrate on the very young and their parents. The senior center has a few sessions (mostly conducted using videos), but they concentrate on those for whom that is the only exercise that they get - not very challenging.

While the pandemic has been raging, major work was performed on the ceiling of the small pool of the gym that I "frequent". I'm trying to talk myself into getting back into swimming when the pool is re-opened. If I got back into the routine I had 10-15 years ago (swim 45-60 minutes, treadmill 20 minutes, weights machines 20 minutes) I might fulfil the mental picture you have of my fitness state.

Oops! It's time for me to go clean up to go to the gym. Thanks for the pep-talk.

P.S. (Back from the gym): "My Pool Boy" says that the pool will open toward the end of summer. They have just started work in replacing much of the tiling in the surrounds.

Ooh, thank you for the link!

Husband was complaining about his shoulders after he'd done some hedge trimming. Although the machine in itself isn't heavy, waving it around for a time still has an effect I think.

I'm hoping my other exercise class, also aimed at the over 60s begins again soon. I could go to the gym with Husband but prefer to be told what to do otherwise I dawdle.

Liz--The link was well deserved!

Yes, having a small mass cantilevered out that way can wreak havoc on the muscles that are not yet used to it.

HH wouldn't be caught in a gym. He is a loner - especially when it comes to exercise. I think he became sensitive to being around other people while exercising when he was a lad, because he was so thin. Since I grew up with an elder brother (same age as HH) who was even thinner, I thought guys were supposed to be thin. HH doesn't get great muscle definition - except in his calves.

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