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May 01, 2021


32 comments? For a sly aside to Adams, it should have been 42 ;-)

Stu--Point well taken.

I noticed the Adams reference, but I assumed it was obvious.

An assfish sounds like something he would have come up with, anyway.

Infidel--You have a point about the obviousness. People sometimes don't care to mention the obvious. I guess Murr knows her readers well enough to know that we "got it" even if we didn't mention it. Right you are, also, on assfish.

BTW: Your blog is a rarity, its being hosted by Blogger and still allowing me to comment.

Oh dear. How strange

Liz--You may have noticed that your Blogger blog is another rarity in it's letting me comment.

I’ve suddenly been unable to post on one WP blog, but not some of their other blogs — offers me to choose my Google Blogger account on that one WP acct, but now won’t publish my comment.

Joared--At least Typepad doesn't seem to be giving you a commenting problem. I'm not quite old enough to remember when one had to be on the same system in order to telephone a friend or business; but, that was probably even more frustrating.

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