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April 19, 2021


Love your new Redbud and interesting differences in your two Dogwood's blooms.

The new trees look great. I love the color addition to the yard.

I do so love the colors, too, Joared & Ingineer. Unfortunately, the wonderful colors last but a couple of weeks each year; or, perhaps I appreciate them more because of the shortness of duration.

Thanks for dropping by!

Wow, that redbud is outstanding!

Bogie--You get no argument from me on that, thanks. I'm just hoping it survives. That was a tiny root ball and the hard pan clay of this region of the world means new trees can drown from the water that accumulates in the little bowls dug for them. When he planted the tree, I asked Josh about how much to water it. He said, "Just watch it." As if....

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