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April 24, 2021


I love the bouquet! Is that your redbud in the back? My hosta along the garage, which is very shady right now, are just coming up. The hosta in the back yard are way head of them. I would never have thought to put the milkweed in the window well to acclimate them. Great idea! I love milkweed plants. I'll have to add a few along our lot line. Our last frost day is around Mother's Day. I never put the tomatoes out until mid-May, or later, just to be careful.

That is a pretty bouquet and I'm sure she appreciated it.

Milkweed is great for monarchs. The only downside is they can become somewhat invasive, but as long as you are letting that area go wild, they will be fine.

Yesterday I noticed the hosta on the southwest corner of my house is starting to break its dormancy too.

Buffy--Thank you. Yes, the "purple" is from the new redbud. The bouquet was a little ratty by the time we got to Dudette's & WichiDude's house; but, it made a small splash of color in the center of the luncheon table. The milkweed came with a sheet of instructions. I had stuck the plants into the garage for the first night; but, I got the bright idea of using the window well the next morning.

I usually put out 4 tomato plants in late March, as a gamble. I didn't get around to that, this year. Last year, I thought the frost had about killed the gamble plants and replanted another 4 in mid-April. All 8 bushes did well! Your frost-free date is in line with our difference in latitudes.

Bogie--Thank you, and everyone seemed to enjoy a bit of color in a house that (due to allergies) normally sees only the greens of WichiDude's tiny plants.

You had previously cautioned me about the invasiveness of milkweed plants; but, I shall try to corral them - much as I'm going to have to start corralling the sumacs that I put out a couple of years ago. (The sumacs are in planting areas which, in theory, will make it easier.)

As you well know, you are the one who taught me to appreciate hostas. They would never have been planted, otherwise. I have a couple of small bags (3 plants each?) of lily-of-the-valleys that I think I will plant outside the window well - toward the street. You may recall that I planted lily-of-the-valleys along the bank of the creek on Sunrise and that they naturalized the whole area.

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