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April 30, 2021


Keeping away from everyone has meant we've been remarkably healthy for the last year. It makes sense that flu numbers are down.

I’ve wondered if somehow a new vaccine could be created that would address the flu as well as the corona virus for future injections if possible relationships. All too complex, I suppose.

My thoughts with you, HH and family as you travel life’s road ahead.

Thank you, Joared. We've only just begun.

I'm thinking that we could save a lot of lives from infectious diseases of all sorts if, once each year, the whole world held a 2-week lockdown. Not apt to gain favor, but just think of the savings of lives and savings on healthcare costs.

So everyone has to use their vacation time from work to be stuck at home during the lock-down? I'm guessing that would not go over well with most people :).

Even if people get more than two weeks worth of vacation time, some of us struggle to use it. I used to lose "Use-it-or-lose-it" time all the time. Not for lack of trying to use it.

Bogie--As I wrote, "Not apt to gain favor...." I would like an economist to deny/confirm my gut feeling that healthcare costs, as well as lives, would be saved. Perhaps someone will come up with those numbers for their PhD dissertation.

Use it or lose it can be a problem.

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