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April 09, 2021


Wishing you better health and less/no pain!


P.S. We got our first Covid vaccinations this week :-)

Stu--I did read on your blog of your having received your first shots. Great! Your vaccine/vaccination system must be getting the kinks out. Have you been keeping up with the development of vaccine for the canine brigade? Or am I dreaming that I saw such an article?

I still have throbbing in the area of the surgery, but no real pain anywhere, thank you. My nightmare, now, is that when (of necessity) Dr O removes the existing crowns from the #8 and #10 teeth it will turn out that there are problems with using them as the anchors for the bridge. It will be a while until my healing advances to the point where the bridge will be in the works. In the meantime, I thank goodness for the masks we wear. No one (well...except for Dr N) sees the gap in my teeth. It is more comfortable for me to not wear the appliance that would make it appear that a tooth was there. (Dr N wanted to see the surgical site before prescribing the alternate antibiotic.)

Well, that sucketh all the way around. First the implant issues - I am sorry that won't work out and that there wasn't an easier way to find out there will be issues. A quick Google search says they are made from an alloy including Aluminum, Vanadium and nickle. And, further states that those people that have issues are usually allergic to the small amount of nickle.

Glad you figured out that the antibiotic was not your friend before taking all the doses. It worries me that the dental professional did not realize that the medication did not play nicely with the statin you are on. I'm assuming that you are asked to disclose any medications you are on so they can hopefully alleviate any interactions.

On this end - as of yesterday, One and Done for the Covid vaccine :)

I hate anything to do with teeth. Even though I've not really been hurt by a dentist for many many years I still dread it. So well done you for going through all that. The next bit doesn't look exactly enjoyable though.

What a horrible reaction. I'm glad you feel better now.

Bogie--Thanks for the research. I had started checking the alloy online, but got distracted and didn't get back to it.
It's on me that I didn't think to check on the alloy before deciding to try an implant. Tsk! Tsk! It's on him that he didn't bother to check my medications list (or, charitably, I may not have updated my specific statin a year ago when Dr A switched me) or ask me what I'm taking as did HH's doc. I did make sure that he knew my kidneys are slowing down; thus I was disappointed to learn from the information sheet that kidney/liver problems were contraindications.
Well done, finding a faster way to get your J&J and that you've (so far?) not had any untoward reaction. That makes 100% coverage for all but generation #4 in our family. Yay!

Liz--You are not alone in your dental dreads, I'm sure. I think that I am unusual - probably because I started getting real dental services as an adult. Our parents took care of what dental assistance we kids needed - according to the rural practices of 1930s/1940s. Thank you for the moral support.

Wow! You have been through the mill. I do hope all is going better dentally though hardly completed as you expected. I suppose you're familiar with what it says about redheads and the amount of pain meds needed compared with those with other hair color.

I declined a root canal recently when the specialist couldn't find the root on the xray. My dentist agreed to put the broken piece back on with adhesive again. I'm hoping it holds for a long time as it did initially, or even the shorter time it lasted when that one released, unlike the next time when I think I may have unintentionally weakened it. I'm trying to take special care now.

I've always thought it strange the apparent anomalies between my being insensitive to some pains while requiring more anesthesia for surgical procedures (starting with waking during my tonsillectomy at age 5): but, was always reluctant to generalize from the one data set that defines my own experience. According to UCI Health: Live Well:

More anesthetic, less analgesic
Here’s what studies have revealed about redheads and pain:

They need about 20 percent more anesthesia to be sedated.
They also need more local topical anesthetics, such as lidocaine or Novocain, which is why many redheads have a fear of dentists, according to the American Dentistry Association.
They need lower doses of pain-killing analgesics, such as opioids.
They easily detect changes in hot and cold temperatures.
They may be less sensitive to electric shock, needle pricks and stinging pain on the skin.

Dentists! Yuck! I would say that I am short of having a phobia about dentists, but I could see developing one. More than 30 years ago I met the woman who is responsible for my dental care and she has done everything in her power to get me through our visits. She has an amazing bag of distractions, and she created two new ones for me. She asked me to conduct while she worked on me! It worked. I chose difficult patterns and it allowed her to finish before I realized how long I had been in the chair. When I am really distressed, I circle my feet in opposing directions. Thank you for the information on redheads and pain! I'm so sorry that you are having to go through all this dental work, but I'm really glad that you and Bogie have figured out what part of the problem is. I wish you well in the future, and hope you have a full set of teeth by the time we can give up our masks. Dear Husband and I have both gotten our vaccinations and our children are working on theirs. Be well, CC!

Kitty--Talk about a blast from the past! Yesterday, in searching for something else, I ran across a posting of mine from 2006. The comments were of more interest to me than was the posting. I miss you! Please consider dropping by more often!

Happy that you & your DH have your vaccinations and that your family's next generation is working on it. If you've not read far back enough in my postings: All of our generations 1, 2, and 3 have been given two shots (or a single J&J); although, it will be a few more days before everyone is "fully vaccinated" per CDC guidelines. Generation 4 won't be old enough to get their shots within the near future, being 10 & 11.

Hope there is some soaring and/or sailing in your DH's near future - or has he been getting some in, regardless?

DH has a bum knee and will be seeing a specialist on Monday. The good news is that the X-rays were better than expected. Once he can walk, and get out of the glider on his own, he can go back to soaring. I know his heart is there, now we just need to get the rest of him going. My youngest sister is resisting the vaccine. I don't know how to get her to accept that she needs to do it. I think the rest of my siblings are okay with it, and their children seem to have been vaccinated. Two of the boys are concerned that there is not enough info on the connection between the vaccine and infertility, and plan to wait for a while to have the grandkids vaccinated. I haven't found any research that says this is an issue, but we haven't been at it long enough to really know. I hope they will get vaccinated. I'll be back to visit. It was good to see what you've been up to!

Kitty--Sorry about your DH's bum knee. That's no laughing matter, I know. If I thought it would do any good, I'd send healing thoughts his way.

Bummer on your sister (I think I recall which one that is). I can understand the theory of our not having a long track record with the vaccine, and perhaps COVID-19 is supposed to be nature's cure for over-population; although, the mortality among us (not you, youngster) really old people isn't all that helpful. Any "infertility" issue could be helpful. That infertility fear isn't something I had heard/read about. I'll let the under-50s worry about that. I have been reading about the decreasing fertility of males in much of the world - for the past 10 or 20 years.

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