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April 17, 2021


I gotta admit, I really haven't put in much research for digital cameras. The first, I won from a local grocery store (maybe around 2005?) and my current Powershot SX400IS I found at a discontinuation sale online in 2015 (or maybe it was used - IDR). Since my vision is wonky, I can't use a good camera. My phones have done the majority of my picture work over the last 8-10 years so I go mainly by does it have a good zoom (for a little P&S) and the price for a camera.

I'm surprised at the packaging issues. However, I when I buy used, I usually make sure that it has the original packaging and always check what is included (chargers being big items). I don't think I have ever gotten anything that has an SD card actually with it - most times those are extras even when bought new.

I just noticed your medication chart. Out of curiosity, why do you only take aspirin 6 days per week?

Bogie--Interesting history on your camera/phone use. You've undoubtedly blogged the whole bit, but I don't keep it all in storage - never did, of course. Your dad asks me the same question within 20 minutes' time, but what he can keep in memory has always been more reliable than that which did I.

Any optics, including cameras, have better definition than do my eyes; so, much like you (but, probably to a lesser degree), I can't really use a good camera anymore. Nor do my essential tremors allow for my manually setting the f-stop and/or other settings, so I rely, totally, on the camera's being able to make its own settings.

I'm surprised by the packaging, too; but, I guess as long as the electronics are tough enough, the issue is moot. Obviously, no original packaging.

Aspirin: Sharp of you to notice. I found that taking aspirin seven days per week results in my bleeding too freely. By skipping that one dose per week, it works out nicely (IMHO). Since the aspirin is "self prescribed", I feel free to "titer" it to my own liking - lol. BTW: A recent deletion from that listing is Aleve which I used to take, freely, for aches/pains/inflammations. It turns out that it is bad on kidneys. The pharmacist recommended that, although it doesn't give as much pain relief, I stick with Tylenol.

Well thanks, that's a good inspiration. Somewhere I have older digicams, from 1 megapixel on up. If I can get them working again, I'll compare their qualities.

Stu--It will be interesting to read about your stable of digicams. All of HH's good cameras (back when he had his own darkroom) were film. He's better at photography than am I, but has lost interest.

Sounds like your plan to give your dentist a list of your meds could be a good idea. Can be more certain to simply bring such matters up to his attention, or any other med person including other doctors, each time something comes up. Am not sure any of them always crosscheck old meds lists in their files though they should.

What do you think about redheads having a high tolerance for pain as it could pertain to amount of administration of anesthesia?

Joared--It seems to me that their keeping information about their patients is pretty useless (and wasteful of patient and staff time) if they don't look at it.

I have no clue on how trustworthy are the tales about genetic redheads. BTW: I think that the comments that I leave at your blog (including the one about your hair color) go off into space, somewhere. In the past couple of months I've tried EDGE and IE to no avail. Sorry.

Strange about losing your comments on my blog -- I'm sorry, too -- I miss them.

Joared--Aww...that is kind of you. Perhaps I shall get it figured out one of these days. I'm pretty sure the issue must be in my Settings someplace.

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