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March 27, 2021


I must tell you about the role of oak trees in predator control some day. Or maybe you know that already?

Do tell us when you have the time, Stu. I, for one, know nothing about the role of oak trees in predator control.

I always know where my SS card is. I guess when one changes jobs on a regular basis (layoffs, company closures), it is more important to keep track of it :)

Imagine those cookies going to waste! Too horrific!

Bogie--I'm betting that you know where nearly everything you own is. You are good, that way. My SS card is in the box with your and Dudette's old ones. Goodness only knows whatever happened to my old ones. Hopefully, they got shredded.

Liz--You are right: that's an idea too horrible to ponder!

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