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March 06, 2021


Found this interesting article about bees using the "corn dust" https://www.motherearthnews.com/homesteading-and-livestock/why-are-honeybees-at-my-birdfeeder-zbcz2004 .

There are lots of articles and discussions on forums about bees going for cracked corn when their regular sources of food aren't around, so apparently it isn't aberrant behavior. Some of the articles observe that beekeepers feeding their bees solely sugar water during winter, may not be providing everything they need, such as protein and that there are protein "cakes" that can be placed in the hives to remedy that issue. Interesting reading and a nice diversion.

Thanks for the info and link, Bogie. You may not realize that both sides of my family kept bees on their farms - not unusual in those days. When I had been a "good girl", I was given a bit of honeycomb to chew, releasing the honey - my first candy. I liked the comb better than when they gave me pure honey.

I used to have a bulletin/pamphlet from the federal government on bee keeping, but don't know if it is still around. Don't recall from which grandmother it came. I'll have to check with Elder Brother to see if he provided a source of protein to his girls, as he always called them.

It was fascinating to know that Bees can utilize Bird Food, I'm allergic to them and we have mostly Killer Bees here in AZ but they serve such a wonderful Purpose in Nature that I am always kind to them and they J'Adore the flowering Plants we offer up in our Garden. The Llantana bloom almost Year round and so I don't think ours are as desperate, but then in the Desert we have a different kind of Winter and Bees don't seem affected by our fierce Summers.

Welcome, Bohemian. Thanks for stopping in. I've been to your website on occasion and it is colorful! (Much like Arizona.) You and I probably couldn't be more different if we tried, I think. Your family is a crowd unto itself, and you've been so selfless in caring for so many. Kudos!

The younger of Hunky Husband's two younger sisters lived in Cave Creek. She loved the state and, in what little time I've spent there (mostly, bird watching with Elder Brother), I've found it beautiful. I lived in your neighboring state of NM (Albuquerque) for several years in the 1980s.

I don't know where our docile bees are hived. They may be from a farm across the creek from us. I'm glad that they are not aggressive.

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