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March 18, 2021


I have a hard time getting rid of old documents - and that has come in handy a couple of times when I needed a document to prove things. For example; bought a water softener that had a lifetime guarantee and when it failed after 10+ years, the company didn't have records of us buying their product, but I did :)

At the same time, it is good to clean out the outdated stuff every once in a while.

Good for you, Bogie! Well done! HH & I've lived so long that our accumulation of paperwork has gotten entirely out of hand. Your dad had no idea what he had done with his car title - until Monica found it.

Unless I'm dealing with a known, reliable dealer, any "lifetime" guarantee is suspect - I don't believe 'em - take it as hyperbole. That's what makes it so nice if one is able to deal with a reliable dealer for years-on-end. For instance: Hupp's Hardware store (you and I browsed) came through. A few years ago I was trying to get a replacement shovel handle for one that we broke in digging up a couple of trees for the girls. The salesman said that, as I had assumed, the composite handle could not be replaced; but, he looked at the label on the original shovel (a few years old) and deducted its price from the price of the new shovel. Similarly, I always knew that Sears would take care of any Craftsman tool that failed to provide satisfactory service during my lifetime. Sears got a lot of business from me because I trusted them. The other day, when the plumber installed your dad's new commode, he asked if I wanted the guarantee/paperwork that went with it. Nope. Fahnestock is trustworthy. They will hassle with the supplier for me. (Besides, the supplier - The Tap - is reliable, too.)

That is well-organised. I find we tend to stick all the important papers in the filing cabinet but also we put in the [ages of advertising blurb that tend to come with them. It does accumulate so quickly.
When I worked as an administrator my boss was very insistent of keeping everything for years and years.

Oh and glad you're fully inoculated. Husband gets his second tomorrow but I'm still waiting.

Happy for your husband, Liz, and thank you. We have reached the point, in Kansas, where the supply of vaccine is greater than the demand, as I understand it. There seem to be a lot of available appointment slots, anyway - not the case when I was trying to get HH in line for his first shot.

There is only so much stuff that one can place in a box that is about 16" long and 10"x10" frontal area. HH and I are trying to get rid of excess papers that our heirs would have to wrestle with on our demise. You aren't to that point in life, yet, so you have time to get serious.

In every company for which I worked, we had to annually check over our paperwork and computer files, getting rid of anything that wasn't necessary for conducting our engineering business. That was at the behest of our attorneys. The less that is left lying about for discovery by other people's attorneys, the happier were our attorneys. In addition, whenever we promulgated a security classified document/piece of paper/computer file, we had to put a destroy date on it - set by government guidelines on the particular project - none of which I now recall.

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