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March 10, 2021


Here's a real photo of "Turtles all the way down" aka infinite regression...


Awww...how cute, Stu. Thank you.

I believe that you meant to say that the daughter that lives in your state should attain vaccination by the end of May. I am unsure when I will be eligible - especially since the government has not made good on its promised J&J shipments for the week and won't make one this week either. When I am eligible, I feel like I should wait because there are people that need it more than I do. I don't have to go to work (WFH), I only go to the dump and grocery store so do not see other people, and I don't have any health issues. I will be vaccinated before September though (barring any unforeseen issues). I am getting my second shingles shot at the end of this week though :)

Under withholding is painful, especially with the penalty that is assessed. Managed to do that one year in the 90's - the Ex didn't have his status set correctly. We put in lots of overtime and had no deductions at all to claim; I was claiming at the higher single rate with zero deductions and Ex was claiming married and one.

Well, Bogie, of course I think of local conditions in discussing vaccinations. Hopefully, things get so organized in NH that your populace gets vaccinated promptly. Kansas contains about 1% of the population of the USA; thus, ostensibly, it gets about 1% of the vaccine. The State of KS has divvied up that allotment, to the counties, the rural counties' shares having been more heavily weighted than the urban counties' shares. (Not sure why that is, but that is the way the State government rolls.)

NH's population being about half of the population of KS, you're probably getting about 0.5% of the vaccine. It surely was disappointing that J&J hasn't met their committed outputs, so far. Merck will help that situation - within a few months. Supposedly, as of yesterday, NH had received 0.42% of the vaccine distributed in the USA to date, according to my calculation using data from the NY Times.

NH has done a good job of getting the vaccines distributed that we get. Last weekend, they did 11,000 at the NH Motor Speedway in 3 days. That was the first mass vaccination in NH and consisted of the first shipment of J&J. It is shipments 2 & 3 that we haven't received / won't be getting on the previously promised schedule, nor do we know when another shipment will make it.

Not saying that NH should be getting a higher percentage, just that it is better to under promise and over deliver as to the other way around. And if you can't make your commitment, communicate that sooner as to later (or not at all). Neither the Feds nor the companies involved seem to understand this.

Teachers, caregivers, childcare workers, first responders etc are in the next phase, unless the J&J vaccines show up, I won't be eligible for a while. I have no arguments about the priorities that the NH government has set for who get the vaccines.

I'm not concerned for myself as I am in a good position to wait and under most circumstances probably wouldn't even bother getting the vaccine. Seriously, if it weren't for wanting to visit family in another state at some point, I probably wouldn't get the vaccine, just like I don't get flu shots.

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