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February 03, 2021


That's news to me that they would take the corn but certainly looks like it and they do look like yellow jackets. The ones here we had could never have gotten a kernel of corn in the tiny entrance hole they were trying to set up on the side of our house. I wouldn't think the sweetness of the corn you would have been putting out as bird feed could have been accessed by them. Were they going to soak the kernels in water to soften them up and would that release any sweetness? I'd think it would have long since been all dried up.

That bird seed mix includes cracked corn rather than whole kernel corn, so the bees could get to the germ and/or endosperm - or whatever else part of the kernel that attracted them.

Weird that the bees would go for corn, but hey, you gotta work with what is around. They are a high carb food, so maybe they can convert it to sugar.

They are making mash to ferment? (Your yellow jackets could teach them how!) I've not seen the bees since the day that I took the photo. They shouldn't be out this early in the season, of course.

The yellow jackets didn't ferment the pears - I let them sit too long and they fermented themselves :D

Should have mentioned that I would report this to HH's physician, just as a precaution. They should be reporting any side effects to the CDC. Hopefully his physician has a website or portal that a picture can be sent along with a description of the reaction so that you can present it as information only and not something that needs a visit.

Thanks for the suggestion, Bogie. Yes, HH also has access to a portal to our medical office. (Both of our primary care physicians are partners in the same office.) I'm fairly sure that HH, himself, has never accessed the portal; but, I check it after the rare occasion on which he has been in to see his physician. That's the only way I know what's going on since HH prefers to make his visits, alone. That's how I discovered that his blood workups weren't quite as good as I had been led to believe. I don't nag HH about that, but it has made a difference in how I try to feed him.

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