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February 19, 2021


Pacing yourself is important when you are not used to the workload - good job!

Your backyard is a super highway for the feathered walkers :) My backyard is criss-crosssed with squirrel tracks except right next to the feeder, which has junco and tracks.

Taking a look at those shoes they wore to play basketball - even those were pointy (like dress shoes). I can't imagine trying to wear those for athletics - not that I ever wear pointy shoes for anything.

Yes, pacing is important, and it means that the snow will be gone from melting/sublimation before I get it all shoveled. ; ) BTW: I would encourage others to go see your light snow results.

What was the omitted source of tracks in your yard?

We didn't see squirrels during the 12 days that we never got up to freezing (32F). I started seeing them, again, on the day we hit 32F. Yesterday, we hit 43F, and are to be at 60F, tomorrow. It is supposed to be at 60F, again, Tuesday when I have an appointment for my annual physical. Unfortunately, we will be at 49F when we go get our 2nd COVID vaccination shots on Wednesday. We'll have nearby parking, though. Shots will be given at the old downtown Wichita library and parking will be in the Century II parking lot across the street from it. They aren't even making us put quarters into the parking meters!

You should have seen my mother's shoes WIWAK: platforms...always platforms (but blunt toes). Since Dad was at least a foot taller than was she, she liked to have that extra inch of height. She was always the shortest adult (at 5' 2") in our family just as, now, I am the shortest adult (at 5' 5") in our surviving family. Of course, I towered over your dad's mother (5' 0" ?) and sisters (4' 10" ? and 5' 2.5").

Lots of "traffic" in your pristine snow. Got your exercise in with snow shoveling but good you paced yourself.

Lucky you to have had two piece basketball outfits. Our required gym clothes were a one piece shorts outfit I hated since you had to strip to go to the toilet. I really enjoyed sports what little I got to engage in them. I wasn't able to play on the basketball team for several reasons. I never had an opportunity to develop the skills 'cause during the season our P.E. class turned out to be practice time for the team, so the rest of us got little experience. They also practiced during the lunch hour if the boys weren't on the court, but I worked in the lunch room so it didn't matter anyway. As I recall they had special basketball game rules for girls then. We couldn't run up and down the court. I think it was something like one bounce, taking a step then you had to pass the ball off to someone else. -- something like that, I don't remember exactly now. It was ridiculous! I was a pretty good hard fast softball pitcher but pretty limited in opportunity to play there, too.

Joared--I failed to be clear that our gym clothes were also one piece. The only gym we had was 1/2-sized (although, the year after I was graduated a new wing was added that housed a pool and a full-sized gym) of which use we had to alternate with the boys. (We had "health" class during class time excluded from the gym.)

Yes, in your & my day, we played a 6-girl team with 3 girls playing on either half of the court. I don't recall the rules otherwise and never played basketball outside of gym class. My gym class team did well because the other 2 girls who played on "my" half of the court were twins who communicated via ESP - lol. Not one of us was a great player (or tall), but we were a great team. One needs to recall that, in the case of my mother and her sister, their basketball teams probably comprised the majority of the girls in their respective classes. I believe that there were 30 people in Mom's Class of '33.

Gosh, you did work hard to clear that path.

Our gym uniform was navy knickers and a t-shirt. And we played hockey on a public playing field on the top of a windy hill.

Liz--I hope you were better at field hockey than was I. I remember Dr Perkins (a tiny woman, the only PhD on staff) yelling at me, "Run, [Car], run!" We did have playing room, outside, in clement weather.

Our squirrels don't care about temps, they may stay away if the wind chill reaches very low temps. But it is rare for them not to visit the feeder.

I am unsure what I was going to type, maybe "other bird".

I was envious, cause photo looked like you had two piece gym outfits. Oh, well!

Joared--The photo that I posted is of my mother's team. I couldn't find any photos of my own gym outfit that would show up; but, I'll give it a go, using photos of gym classes. (See addition to posting, please.)

I’d forgotten — I was on the volleyball team but i think basketball was the only girls sport that got to play teams from other schools.

Woo-hoo, a jock in our midst. We may have had girls compete with those from other schools; but, being a geek, I would not have known about it. It was only in looking back through our yearbooks that I learned we had a (male) golf team. Bogie & Dudette played basketball and volleyball. If I recall correctly, Bogie was offered a volleyball scholarship at a local college. I always enjoyed watching our daughters play.

You are correct, I was offered a volleyball scholarship to a very small college (and it was a very small offer at about $200 if I remember correctly).

I played basketball, volleyball and ran track (long jump, shot putt and 1/2 mile) plus did summer track. I don't remember Dudette being in sports for school teams (she was certainly on teams outside of school). I do remember that a coach wanted her to try out because of her height - but I don't remember if she did or not. Maybe she did before band took over her interests.

Bogie--Thanks for the additional info and corrections. Perhaps I was thinking of when our family played volleyball at the Cessna Activity Center. That was so-o-o long ago. It's impossible to think that I've been out of high school for 66 years, let alone that our daughters have been out of high school for a bit over 40 years. The next thing we know, Next Gen 1 and Next Gen 2 will be out of high school. : |

$200 (nearly $700 in today's dollars) beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. As I recall, your dad and I didn't "let" you and Dudette apply for scholarships on ethical grounds. We felt that scholarships should be left for those who could not, otherwise, afford to attend college.

I, OTOH, couldn't get a good scholarship because I was going to engineering school that offered no scholarships to women. As it was, I accepted a small scholarship ($100 for my freshman year, as I recall - worth nearly $700 in today's dollars) that was good at any state school in Missouri. Because elder brother had received a good scholarship for his first two years and because he dropped out of school to get married, my mother's paycheck went to my first 2.5 years of college. She continued to support me after your dad and I married (as your other grandparents continued to support your dad); but, I paid that back to her and dad, with interest, a few years later. In later years, whenever Mom protested over something that I did for her, I explained that it was return on the investment that she had made in me all those years ago.

I never applied to any colleges until I was 34, so have no idea about how you viewed scholarships. Heck, I never took SAT or PSAT and I don't think any colleges would have let me apply without those.

When I did decide to go to college, work assisted with probably 2/5 of my classes and I paid for the rest (no loans - payed as I went). They would only pay for 1 class per semester AND only up to $1,200/per year (which, with books, came out to almost 3 non-computer related classes per year); grade dependent of course. At the time I was taking night classes that were 8 weeks per semester (6 semesters a year).

There was at least 1 year that work didn't offer tuition assistance because they were struggling financially. And of course my last 3 courses were taken while I was laid off after they let 40% of their workforce go. By that time though, their dollar limit was paying less than 2 classes per year.

There was a good reason it took me 7 years to get a 4 year degree :)

Interesting chronology on your college work and paying for it, Bogie. Thank you. I was always impressed that you were willing to go to such lengths to get your degree - and that you did so well, academically. Well done! (Super well done!)

BTW: You may recall (the late) Dwight Tullis - my first supervisor at Cessna. He had worked at Cessna and raised a family while completing his BS at WU. It took him 14 years. You were like a jackrabbit, comparatively.

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