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February 12, 2021


Well-earned bragging rights. I am impressed.

And the thing I took away from that is - why in the heck were physical education courses required in college? In younger years, sure, I get it, but college?

Thank you, Liz - I took a bow.

Bogie--The men at MSM were required to complete 4 semester hours of PE, unless they took a like number of hours of ROTC. Since your dad transferred in as a junior, I assume he had completed any PE requirements that he may have had at St Louis College of Pharmacy or at Washington U in St Louis. OTOH: He did not take ROTC since he was serving in the Missouri Air National Guard as a cryptographer.

Women? At MSM we were exempt from PE because there were only 12 women (including a grandmother) on campus and they didn't want to go to the bother/expense of having a program for us. Thus, we got to take another 4 semester hours of electives toward our degrees, instead. Elective hours were to be prized at MSM because most of our (basic 148 semester hour requirement) comprised required courses. Since I lived across the street from the (very basic) football field and it was encircled by a running track, I got my exercise running/jumping low hurdles of a morning - often accompanied by one of my friends. Most of my running was in the company of George Knickerbocker a previous high school featherweight boxing champ in Kansas. He was something else! He looked like a disjointed, gangly scarecrow, but I guess he could box.

That's one of my favourite poems.

Our household has 2 poetry anthologies (one in English, one in German) hung in the guests' toilet/bathroom to be read during long sittings, thusly inscribed
"This is the book,
That hangs from the hook,
To be read in the loo,
When visiting Stu ;-)"

Now back to my annual rereading of Hiawatha :-)

Stu--The nuances of that poem would have completely escaped me, left on my own. (I can't imagine having "sittings" long enough to want to read anything - let alone poetry.) Enjoy your journey with "The Song...."

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