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February 02, 2021


Isn't fame wonderful! What vaccine did you receive?

Pfizer - As it happened, although our appointments were 45 minutes apart, HH and I received shots from the same vaccine and same lot of it. Of course, the lot size may be 10,000 shots FAIK.

Glad you didn't have any adverse effects from the shots. When do you get to make your second appointments?

Bogie--If I'm interpreting the website correctly, we can't make a second appointment until 2/22/2021. I chose "2nd shot" and was then asked, "Has it been 3 weeks since your first shot?" When I input "No", it stopped the process. Instead of going back to Wichita (Sedgwick County Health Department) we may be able to obtain our second shots at our local Dillon's grocery store - which includes a small walk-in clinic. The news outlets have been reporting that, starting next week, several of the (Kroger-owned) Dillon's stores in Kansas (including the one in Derby) will be receiving/giving vaccine. We can walk to it - just under two miles.

OTOH: Elder Brother called yesterday to say that he had received his first shot at a medical office on the 4th. They made him an appointment to come back for his second shot. He said that he saw his cardiologist about a week ago and that doc expedited EB's getting an appointment. Of course, he is at extremely high risk, so I'm happy they are taking care of him. He was trying to make his appointment using a phone, rather than online, and had been having all sorts of problems.

BTW: EB now has home phone service that includes all of the bells and whistles since AT&T laid the optical cable through his neighborhood. Not only does he now have voicemail, but he can forward calls to his cell phone.

NH has not had good luck with the federal sign up for the 2nd shot so the state has shifted to scheduling the second appointment when people get their first shot. It was not a problem with availability of timeslots or vaccines put aside for the second shot. For whatever reason, the federal system was placing appointments out 8-10 weeks after the first (a lot later than required).

Interesting. I keep checking the county & Dillons websites; but, since they only schedule when the vaccine is in hand, no dice.

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