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February 05, 2021


Definitely bees - yellow jackets are only mellow when they are drunk (watched them get drunk on pears that had fermented in a compost pile at the old place).

Just keep an eye on that area to make sure nothing else develops.

Bogie--One would think that, by now, I should know what a bee looks like, wouldn't one? I remember in the early 1940s, living in Tulsa, when I was playing (barefoot, of course - we didn't waste shoe leather for playing during the summer) in our front yard and happened to step upon two bees who were plying a clover patch. They promptly committed suicide by stinging me. Although I've had other stings, I don't recall being stung by a bee since then - probably a testament to my poor memory. Younger Brother was allergic to bee venom.

The redness in HH's arm has gone away - no other issues. I'll keep watch, thanks.

Heard on last night's local news that one of the reactions that aren't really known by the public, but are not uncommon (though not prevalent), is a bull's-eye type red mark or rash that appears up to a week later at/near the injection site.

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