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January 18, 2021


I imagine bells and whistles would really upset HH, as much as he dislikes noises anyway. Add the flashing lights, and that would be downright disorientating for him.

I keep my speakers off unless there is something I specifically want to hear, which is rare.

Bogie--HH does most of his internet stuff on his phone. He's like I imagine a teen-ager to be, always looking at his phone. I'll check with him to see how he would feel to have his computer speakers off; but, with his short-term memory loss, he might not be able to think how to turn them back on. I go by fits and starts, myself. Sometimes I keep them off...sometimes, not. I do keep them fairly low unless there is something that I actually want to hear.

I like that idea of running by a person, who is perhaps not real tech savvy, some information explanations to test how well a message is understood. Tech writers, or those who write operation manuals, should have to do that before unleashing them on their product purchasers. I think I put my son’s written communication skills to the test when I seek his help resolving computer issues I encounter. I’m probably the mother whose successful interpretation of his directions tells him how clearly he has written his instructions — may actually help him when he started his business. Fortunately for me, he has the patience of Job and tolerates my frustrated outbursts when I contact him in desperation.

Joared--You provide(d) your son valuable input. I collaborated with tech writers at Cessna to assure that our service manuals/bulletins said what they needed to say - often bringing in a mechanic or test pilot to assure that our terminology was correct. In later years, the move was toward simplified English - on which task force I served. The hardest time I ever had was in co-authoring a tech paper when I was in Florida. The illustrators didn't seem to understand what a sine wave was supposed to look. Of course, they were in McLean Virginia and this was before the internet.

Your son and our daughter (Bogie) must display the patience of Job when doing IT. Otherwise, idiots like me would drive them around the bend.

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