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January 12, 2021


Do you catch them then pluck them and eat them?

They would be too big for me. I'm just a pheasant plucker 😍

Stu--I should think that a pheasant plucker would be qualified to pluck a turkey. The challenge might be to find a vessel large enough in which to scald a turkey. One might have to catch a young turkey before it develops size.

I certainly know how to pluck and eat them; but, I am required to take them "in a humane and lawful manner". Killing and eating would probably not qualify. As in other wildlife, if I find the turkeys to be a nuisance, I may trap them and turn them over to our city's animal control agent. The only critter on whom that event befell was an o'possum that HH and I caught in our garage in about 1970.

Also, probably need a hunting/trapping license - and only take them at a set time. IDK, maybe KS is different than NH. They were wiped out and had to be reintroduced to NH, so they are carefully regulated.

I remember that possum in the wood stack :). They loved cat food.

That’s a sizable flock of wild turkeys. They appear quite slim and streamlined compared to domestic turkeys. You’re fortunate if an opossum is the only wild creature you’ve had to deal with, especially if you have a nearby creek or river.

Bogie--Perhaps the city winks at the other wildlife regulations when they encourage us to have them pick up our trapped animals.

Joared--I'm trying to recall the largest our flock has grown. I think that we were visited by 43 turkey some years ago. Just now, HH scared off the flock of 16 that had assembled on/around our patio when he went to survey his kingdom through the sliding-glass door. They roam pretty freely about our neighborhood - sometimes in or crossing our street, other times visiting the creek. Our yard is one of the few that presents no impediments between the street and creek. I think they probably visit the lake, surrounded by houses, that is across the street from us; but, we don't see them over there. Fences are an issue there, too.

Oh...we've had at least one bobcat, nesting foxes, raccoons, deer, squirrels and lots of reptiles in addition to the opossums in the riparian areas in which we live/have lived.

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