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December 17, 2020


Well, things can go right sometimes!

Digressing from your subject here, am watching Nova pgm on Quantum Physics. All I can say is, it surely is "spooky"! Lots of "fuzzy" stuff. How does anyone plan anything with accuracy? It's all about communication. And then there's chaos theory, but I guess that's something else.

Sometimes is right, Joared. I was startled at 5am today (Friday) by Hunky Husband yelling (loudly) down the basement steps, "[CC], come here. I need your help!" I jumped out of bed, ran up the steps (tripping on the top step as I always do when I run upstairs) only to find HH standing in his flooded bathroom. Whew! I had thought that he had a problem. Plumbing problems I can almost handle.

I saw that the (clean) water was issuing from the water line that transports water into the toilet tank and shut down the water valve to stop the water. HH had thrown down his bath towel to soak up water (which covered nearly every square inch of his bathroom floor) and I started throwing more bath and hand towels out of the linen closet to soak up more. In several minutes (9 bath towels - including some from another linen closet, 3 hand towels, 2 bath mats later) we had sopped up all of the water only to discover (HH knew, but I had not known) that the toilet/sewer line was backed up. [For 20 years I have contended that the plumbing to that toilet was not designed correctly since it is the only toilet that ever clogs in this house!] HH retrieved the plunger from under his sink and got the clog mostly cleared. I set up a fan to complete the drying-out process on the floor.

Now...we await the plumbing office's opening at 8am. I had been delaying having the guts of two of our toilet tanks completely replaced (which may as well be done, now) until COVID was no longer a huge concern; but, once again, our plumbing has defeated my intention. And here we are at the height of the local COVID problem, the two major hospitals in Wichita which handle COVID patients having had their ICUs 100% full for the past three weeks.

P.S. The plumber is scheduled to come Monday morning (or, later today if his "all day" job doesn't take all day).

P.P.S. The load of towels has been washed, dried, folded, and placed in the appropriate linen closets.

P.P.P.S. In my fall at the top of the stairs, I must have slammed my face into something. My upper, front tooth's crown is now loose. I've made two appointments at the dental office; 1) to re-cement the crown (for the 2nd time) and 2) to consult with the implant specialist so the re-cementing doesn't become a thing that happens every month or two.

For some reason I thought the last time that toilet had an issue, you had them do a more permanent fix. I remember you had a long conversation with the plumber about the "where" that you thought the clog was (and him be obtuse about believing you would have a clue).

Hopefully you get the issue fixed completely this time!

Bogie--You remember correctly, except that the fix wasn't permanent. IMHO, short of tearing out the sewer line and installing a better design, there is no permanent fix. Fortunately, however, the clog is further upstream in the installation, this time so the toilet is the only fixture affected. Want to come tear into our plumbing? (I don't care to go that far, myself, and you can imagine the angst your dad would experience throughout such a project.)

Hey, I'm really, really good at demolition, just not so good at the reconstruction.

The whole reason I still haven't gotten the linoleum laid in my bathroom is that the toilet needs to be removed. Although I can do that easily, it's the getting reinstalled that I'm sure would be an issue; because it's not a project until 1) blood has been drawn and 2) an issue arises that disallows completion of the fix until at least the next day.

Being my only bathroom, that would be an issue. One of these days I will break down and hire a plumber - just paying for several hours of time when the actual remove/install will take a total of about 30 minutes is not high on my list of priorities :) and no one else sees my bathroom anyway.

Chamber pots still work - lol. I've only removed/reinstalled one toilet in my years - the one in your & Dudette's bathroom on Sunrise. I had to replace the gasket because it was leaking. Don't ask me what year that was, but probably after you left home I would think.

Now that is service! And you remembered the phone number long enough? I am impressed.

Well, you did have an eventful day. I haven't welcomed the idea of having someone come into the house during these Covid times either. Hospital beds availability seem to be becoming impacted all over and we haven't even had these holidays coming up which seem to invite the possibility of more spread.

Liz--I, too, was impressed. During Hurricane Katrina disaster response, I was amazed at how easily I remembered the 8-digit numbers assigned to Red Cross cases as I worked with the national case database (but I was 15 years younger then). Yes, that was good service from WalMart. Since COVID conditions in Kansas are so bad these days, I plan to stop going grocery shopping at 6am on Tuesday in favor of using their newly instituted pickup service at our local little WalMart store. They always had pickup service at the large store several miles away, which I did not use; but this will be a new experience.

Joared--I've been putting off anything that would bring someone into the house - as much as possible, at least. Our nearest COVID-equipped hospitals are still running 100% ICU occupied, for the 4th week, now.

Bogie--Fahnestock's plumber, Jeremy, was here Monday morning. He installed "re-build" kits into the tanks of my bathroom and the guest bathroom (at nearly $200/each) and recommended replacing your dad's toilet. The current toilet has a 2" Dconnection between the tank and bowl. The ADA-compliant toilet that he recommended (same brand as existing) has a 3" D connection between tank and bowl and has an air-driven reservoir inside the tank to provide extra "oomph" to the flush. Perhaps I was wrong about having to wreak havoc on the plumbing. Maybe the extra amount/pressure of the flush will prevent further clogging. He will call when the toilet comes in. From the work order: "Rebuilt 2 kohler toilets with new supply lines , fill valve , tank gasket , flush valve.
Order power flush / elongated/ biscuit with slow close lid"

Never heard of a power flush, but sounds like it might do the trick.

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