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December 30, 2020


At 6am here it is still dark; not the best time for seniors to be driving :-(

Glad you finally got it figured out how to order for pickup!

Stu--Thanks for the thought. It is still dark, here, at 6am; but, I've had no problems driving at night, at all, since cataract surgery in 2010. HH had his cataracts removed in 2019 and does better than before surgery. His navigation is confused, but his night vision is great. I think his confusion during nighttime driving is cognitive rather than optical. He only goes out if I am with him.

Bogie--Yes, it isn't complicated, but their website kept routing me on the basis of prior history. I had to break that chain. I have to use a different portal.

I've done some pickups at a few restaurants. Also, I had a free delivery trial with our WalMart and was quite pleased with it. In fact, had the same offer with three other nearby stores where I've shopped in the past before the virus on occasion and used them all for the free delivery with general satisfaction.

Joared--It is handy that so many fast-food/semi-fast food establishments had pre-existing drive-through windows. It's also handy and good that so many restaurants now offer curb-side, no-contact pickup. The big box stores have come up with so many ways of getting merchandise to us that it helps us keep our distance. Who would have thought?

I just noticed, yesterday, that among the groceries I had picked up Wednesday was a bottle of ground spice. I had tried to order ground nutmeg. What I got was a bottle of ground ginger. Not their fault, really. I recall that they were out of the small bottle of nutmeg that I wanted and that the website offered me other choices. I had not noticed that the larger bottle that I chose was not even the same spice. My bad! We'll see how many years it takes me to use up that much ginger. Better, yet, I'll offer it to family members.

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