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December 15, 2020


Hopefully your day got better. That does not sound like a great start. We had too many of those arguments with the paper providers a few years ago and eventually gave up. Now I only read online publications, but I do miss the actual paper. Especially on Sundays.

Ingineer--It seems to me that the publishing companies are deliberately making paper service worse and worse in order to drive us online. I don't care. For the years during which I lived alone, I did not subscribe to a newspaper - nor did I have a mailbox at the house in which a postal worker could leave mail. Every few days (or weeks, when I was working TDY, I picked up my mail and, perhaps, bought a newspaper. However, HH must have his puzzles to work. It upsets him not to have them. I note that the newspaper (promised to have been delivered by 8:30am when HH called them to complain, again, this morning) has not yet arrived. The last paper we received was the Sunday paper. As far as I can tell, the "freebie" paper that is distributed to everyone (except us - I told them not to ever again leave one for us, at least 20 years ago) has not been distributed this week. Perhaps our delivery person is ill and the company has not yet figured it out.

I sometimes have afternoons, even evenings that go awry. Hope the rest of your day went more smoothly. Did you find out why the light was on? I didn't have a problem with paper delivery and was receiving two daily. They usually arrived in the wee morning hours before I was up and about. Those mornings when sleep went askew, or my own night syndrome kicked in, I did appreciate retrieving them and just continuing to be up to read them. Unfortunately, the delivery guy/woman (I never knew, or maybe it was changling) didn't consistently place it where it would stay dry, despite being wrapped in two plastic bags eventually) and I simply tired of a paper so wet it took it all morning to dry out so I could read it. I hung on with them as long as I could, especially in those early years when they were really feeling the pain of Internet assault. Then, I got fed up with some of the changes made, especially the L.A.Times, had dropped so many award-winning writers and annoyed that it had Chicago owners, so I cancelled my subscriptions. I have kept my local city paper through their cutbacks and now they're legally adjusting to become non-profit.

Joared--Thank you for the good wishes. The paper came at about the time I posted my last comment and the rest of the day went well. HH didn't remember having turned the hallway light "on" - or "off"; so, I shall never know that story. Interesting that your local paper is becoming non-profit, on purpose. I always loved the LA Times when I worked in SoCal.

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