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December 29, 2020


There was an earthquake that day, but I think it was later, and probably wouldn't account for the flash of light

Good thought. Since I hadn't felt an earthquake that morning, I hadn't thought about earthquake activity. There was a tiny (1.9) one 20-30 minutes before our flash with the epicenter about 10 miles north of us.

"WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - The Kansas Geological Survey reported a magnitude 3.9 earthquake in Wichita. The earthquake shook the city just after 5 a.m. Wednesday morning.

"This earthquake is considered to be the largest in five years in the city."

That was at 5:04 on the 30th and was the 15th earthquake in roughly the same 1-square-mile area of Wichita beginning on Thanksgiving day.

There had been 5 smaller quakes on the 27th and several since the 30th, including 1 within the past few hours.

I gather you didn't find anything in your yard. With all the earthquakes we get, I never see light flashes followed by the thud you describe. Any light flash by itself would be on our electric pole circuits but have never had that issue either though others do where stronger quakes with more serious issues occur.

Joared--Happy New Year!

Yes, above-ground electrical transformers and transmission lines can be entertaining (and dangerous) in weather that includes strong winds and/or lightning. Our utilities are out in the front yard and buried. (I must note, however, that the power line comes up along-side of the foundation and enters the house about a foot above ground - on the side of the house, toward the front corner.) With a 30-minute gap between the known quake and the flash that we saw, I can't convince myself that there is a connection. As to looking for a possible micrometeorite: The weather has not been conducive to my looking. We had 1.15" of rain on the 30th and the rain-equivalent in snow of 0.64", yesterday, and that area is currently under snow.

BTW: I would expect that any light flash from an electrical pole would be accompanied by sound. That sound might not be loud enough to be heard from inside one's house, however. Who knows? That's just my thinking.

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