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December 04, 2020


It would be great if the retina cell age-reversal showed effective in humans. Although, I'm sure that is years, or even decades away from getting to the point of human trails. Maybe that would pave the way for helping those with corneal issues too.

Bogie--Unfortunately, any developments will be too late for my generation and, probably, for yours. OTOH: My mother's generation was the first to really benefit from cataract surgery. I'm pretty sure that my maternal grandmother's blindness, just before she died, was a case of cataracts.

The vision study had captured my interest, especially, when I first read about it. I wonder what other age-related reversals they may make in the future? Disappointing to think I won't be around see so many scientific advances.

Wow, I guess it has been a while since I have visited here. Sad deal about Arecibo, it seems like it was a worthwhile venture. On the eye study, I am sure they will continue to make progress. As they say getting old is a drag, but it beats the alternative.

Joared--The eldest family member whom I remember was my matrilineal great-grandmother who died in 1942. Just think of the things that have happened/been invented/been learned since her death. For that matter, the succeeding matrilineal members of my family (died in 1957, 1978, & 1994) would have been surprised, if not delighted, by some of the developments.

Ingineer--Yes, you've been remiss in visiting us. Happy to hear from you! Hunky Husband keeps muttering that "it beats the alternative", so you guys must know something. *smiling*

I am so impressed that this makes sense to you!

Liz--As is the case for the physics seminars that I attend in non-COVID times, I "understand" about every third word. Fortunately, that seemed to suffice to get me through two of the three degree programs to which I was admitted. Fortunately, Hunky Husband got antsy, wanting me to "go make money", causing me to drop out of the third program before I could embarrass myself by being unable to understand enough. *shrugging*

For several years, one of the post-docs at Wichita State U has been concentrating in the quantum computer arena, so I've been corresponding with him on some of the developments for some time. That gives one a leg up; but, please don't make me try to convince Stu that I understand any of it.

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