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December 24, 2020


That area certainly looks a lot cleaner with the smaller trees removed.

Too bad about the dogs not being of the friendly sort (or maybe it's because they can hear but not see the activity so they are barking out of frustration).

My thought is terracing would be facing the wrong way to be visually apparent. Or maybe I'm thinking about it the wrong way and the lower level(s) would be visible? If the latter, that would look really nice and work well in that space (says the person that can't visualize anything so can't plan projects past the start and does everything on the fly).

Bogie--For the first year I made a special effort to befriend Rosie and Miki. It didn't take. They only bark at what they can see AFAI can tell. Their back fence (from which they can see most of the work area - and all of the woods in which I work & pile the leaves) is chain link - plus - they come to holes and gaps in the wooden fence. They also bark as I am unloading my groceries at 6:30am. Their barking is so high pitched and loud that it hurts my ears, and I grow a little uneasy when they growl at me and throw themselves against the fence. (Yes, I've talked to Fred about it and he shows no signs of following through on the original assurances he gave me that the dogs would be trained.)

The dog on the other side (Chewy, the Great Pyrenees) now barks more than he did for the first several months (I don't know why); but, his bark is at a low frequency and soft enough that doesn't hurt my ears. (Your dad can't hear Chewy!) Besides - Chewy never barks at me. He barks very little, if at all, when I am outside. It's fun watching him from the kitchen window cavort in his yard and their deck - what little is visible atop that fence.

Thanks for your input on the small hill. It is only visible when I am working in or at the edge the woods. I didn't make it at all obvious, but I am thinking more in terms of erosion control on it - keeping in mind that most of that small hill is under water when it floods.

Don't you think the dog may give up eventually?

Liz--Thanks for the input on the hill.

There are two dogs that have been there for two years. The dogs are brother and sister. If the brother were there, alone, he would probably not bark very much - only at a squirrel, perhaps. Rosie sets up a barking din when she sees/hears/smells me, which incites Miki to join in. As I move about my yard, they follow along the fence from one hole/gap to another.

In July, 2019, when the dogs had been there for several months, I took a photo of Rosie barking through a hole. I posted the photo in August, writing, "Rosie is a cutie, but she loves to bark. Her brother, Miki, is timid. He won't even go for a walk with Fred unless Rosie is going."

The last time I talked to their owner he as much as said that he didn't think they needed training. I've given up before the dogs have.

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