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December 30, 2020


I see you took my word for that being a cardinal - LOL

Looking at the maps, you are at the western edge of the winter range for purple finches from Canada - during the non-breeding season https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Purple_Finch/maps-range

Whereas House finches are common all year for your area

Those aren't anything like the finches we get here.

Joared--You should see house finches in your area (a male is shown in the top photo), I would think. That said, I don't really specifically recall seeing house finches when I worked in SoCal; but, that was nearly 40 years ago and I didn't keep my lists. It wasn't until I moved back to Kansas in 1990 that I started seeing house finches this far east in the state.

I do recall being surprised on my first day at a temporary duty assignment in Binghamton NY. On the way into my work building, in February, I heard house finches - a bird that I had always known as a western bird. They have such lovely songs.

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