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November 23, 2020


Everything is upside down and confused. I noticed some white blossom today. I couldn't see exactly what it was on but I'm sure it was the wrong time for it!

Liz--Interesting that this is not a local phenomenon. You did remind me that, frequently, our leather leaf viburnum bush blooms at weird times during the cooler months. I noticed a few blossoms on it a couple of weeks ago.

The trees are not confused, they DO twig what's going on : climate change.

Interesting - I would have thought most spring bloomers set their buds in fall and that they take their opening cues from length of daylight combined with temperature. As long as they don't start opening, they should be fine.

There are plenty of plants around here that set their flower buds in the late fall including rhododendron, azalea, lilac, spiraea and forsythia.

Although information on cherry trees is all over the place, what I found about redbuds (which I assume would apply to white buds) shows: "Redbud trees will set their flower buds at the end of summer into early fall for the following spring, so let's hope you see blooms next year" - when do redbud trees set buds?

Stu--It probably does tend to happen more frequently as our climate changes.

Bogie--Thanks for the link. Yes, our trees always set buds during late summer/fall; but, we are beyond the setting stage this time. In fact, just after I posted, the local news people had an arborist on the air talking about how we needed to keep our trees watered so that the stress of our drought doesn't add to the stress of the trees' early development.

My crepe myrtle has had problems in recent years between climate change and our drought.

Joared--Just checked our crepe myrtle. It's doing nothing; but, then, it is among the last bushes/trees to show greening during our spring. I'm adding photos of the leather leaf viburnum - that I took while out checking the crepe myrtle.

That viburnum is definitely confused!

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