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November 11, 2020


Here in Germany the Bundeswehr (armed forces) are to be responsible for distributing the vaccine. This is the same Bundeswehr that over the last decade have lost 60,000 pieces of ammunition :-(

While not perfect, military logistics cannot be beaten, IMHO. Much like the assignment of the Bundeswehr, the US has a 4-star general in charge of distribution. One of his challenges is to distribute Pfizer's (and/or, perhaps, other versions) vaccine that requires being kept at minus 70 degrees C.

From Operation Warp Speed

"Four-Star Army General Gus Perna is in charge of Operation Warp Speed, the government’s initiative to accelerate a COVID-19 vaccine. He was a guest on CBS News’ 60 Minutes where he was asked about how quickly a vaccine would be available once it received emergency approval. His answer? It would start distributing within 24 hours."

I am unsure how to feel about using genetic coding. On the one hand, it sounds like a good solution. On the other hand, what could possibly go wrong [/sarcasm]? What unintended consequences could be around the corner?

I could play this game all day and not come to a satisfactory conclusion :)

Fascinating but clearly some questions to consider re genetics and delivery.

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