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November 21, 2020


I don't think I've ever had pecan pie but I think I would enjoy it.

Liz--Not that I expect anyone to use it, but I posted the recipe just below the original posting about my pie adventures. Sometimes, I add a dollop or glug of brandy to the batter.

That looks yummy!

Bogie--It was. For Thanksgiving, I said to heck with adding nutritional value and covered the bottom of the pie shell with milk chocolate chips before pouring in the batter & topping it with the pecans. Talk about yummy.

Long ago I made Chocolate, Bourbon Pecan Pie and it was the best I have ever made. Chocolate makes EVERYTHING better :)

Bourbon isn't fit to drink, but it certainly adds to pecan pies, I'm guessing. I'll match you with my brandy. Dudette's pecan pie sometimes tastes as though she's used a liquor/liqueur of some type; but, she swears that she just follows the same basic recipe that I use. Regardless, her pies beat mine with a stick! (And...it can't be that she makes her own crust because I, habitually, leave the crust on my plate.)

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