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November 21, 2020


I would not call shutting down the car at the dealership a bad move - it actually exhibited the symptom and keeps them from telling you it's your fault for leaving the headlight on or some other cockamamie thing.

I understand where you're coming from, Bogie, and that might be a consideration at some places and some times. I was thinking more in terms of my having caused Karen one extra trip to jump start the car. It would have been less work for her had she been able to drive the car into the service bay and have it not start during testing, there.

BTW: The whole problem was surely of my own doing. About a year ago, I packed the trunk with stuff to take to Goodwill. The trunk lid didn't want to close and I forced it. For some days thereafter, the trunk lid would not automatically close when I pressed the button inside the car or on the key fob; but, it eventually started working OK. I forgot about it. Then, came COVID-19 and I started leaving the trunk lid open for days at a time.

The dealership didn't try to lay a guilt trip on me - didn't explain the situation described in the penultimate paragraph of my posting ("This may occur after the vehicle has experienced other liftgate related concerns....") since Tanner wasn't there when I picked up my car. I found that explanation online when I got home with the car.

I had some recent issues with a dead battery. My first go ‘round I had them replace the old battery as it was way past its lifespan. The next t time revealed somehow a light had accidentally been bumped on and had been running down the battery. Glad your issues were resolved.

And this is why I love my oldtimer Porsche . . .
None of the modern unreliable electronic firlefanz crap.
Everything manual, stick shift etc, even the windows.
It doesn't even have power steering.

Just . Pure . Car :-)

Joared--I don't know the age of your vehicle; but, modern cars should not suffer from having a light left on. Lights and other current-drawers should automatically turn off after a few minutes in a modern car. HH kept telling me that my trunk lid was open and I kept telling him, "I know" because I depend upon the automatic feature 'way too much. Note, however, that had I not forced the trunk, I would probably have been in good shape. I'm happy that you came out of your situation, too.

Stu--Yes, I loved my 1982 Mazda 626 for that same reason - power nothing. The one frill that I would have liked would have been cruise control. I bought the car in Florida, then moved to Albuquerque - a far piece. At a later date, I drove it to California and kept it at my apartment there for nearly a year (keeping my 1972 Buick in ABQ). I put the mileage on the 626 - then Dudette and Wonderful GrandDaughter put at least 100,000 more miles on it.

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