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October 31, 2020


Although the North Country has had several snows, my area just got its first snow on Thursday. We normally would have had snow before then, but with the severe drought (which does not include the upper part of NH), any moisture we have gotten has not coincided with cold weather. When Typepad decides to cooperate and load my posting page, I'll post pics.

Happy to see that you got your postings up, Bogie. Lovely snow. Your drought is much worse than ours, this year.

Typepad has been having fits for the past week or so, hasn't it?

I usually only get on Typepad on Sunday mornings, so couldn't tell you how it has acted the rest of the week. But if Typepad being recalcitrant is my worst problem, I'm in dang good shape!

Amen to that, Bogie.

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