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October 02, 2020


Oh my, I was laughing so hard at my vision of you chasing the frog :) Glad you eventually found it and set it free - at least I hope there was only one.

That was some dream of the owlets - I had to read that part twice before I figured out it was a dream. Although you stated such, I took it a different way.

Bogie--The frog in my sewing room made a tactical error. I was able to figure out where it was (in the corner, in the kick space underneath the workbench) when I spotted a small puddle of pee on the floor. Yes, that dream was something else. The plants in my dream were four or five feet high and bushy, giving the little birds perfect cover until they flushed.

Your dad, right off, asked, "Were you dreaming?" I'm sure he knew that I would have been unable to/unthinking enough to get both doors closed without letting the birds loose.

What an exciting night! Now the frog wasn't a dream was he?

I meant to say, '6.30 am?!!!'

Liz--There were at least two real frogs involved. I dreamt of birds/kittens.

This is the grocery shopping situation: There is a "small" WalMart Neighborhood Mart that is one mile from our house (2/3 mile, as the crow flies). Rather than go to the full-sized WalMart or the full-sized grocery store where I would be exposed to more people and spend more time in an indoor space, I choose to go to the "small" store.

It's ("small" store's) hours of service begin at 7:00am, each day; but, on Tuesdays (because of the Coronavirus), they allow old people access beginning at 6:00am. I try to be there just after 6:00am so that I am assured entry; although, I've never seen a line of people queued outside, even when I am later than intended. They do keep track of how many people enter and leave in order not to exceed the maximum "safe" occupancy. At my age, I take the Coronavirus stuff very seriously.

For the past 30 years, HH had taken on the responsibility of grocery shopping, until a year or so ago. At that time, noting that he was calling me from the store, more and more, and that his frustration level seemed heightened, I offered to shop with him. He happily accepted my offer and we had shopped, together, for several months - until the Coronavirus hit. Because the experts advised having one person in the household do as much of the errands/shopping as possible, rather than having more than one possibly exposed, and because Hunky Husband is a slower shopper than am I, we agreed that I should be the one person from our household.

Well, what an exciting dream night you had to process all those plant and critter experiences. Cute little frog!

We're looking to our temperatures cooling from three digit figures but not quite down to your numbers yet.

I keep my radio tuned to our L.A. all news station. Every hour they give us a few minutes of world news. I value them 'cause they're the firstest with the mostest real time news if any emergency, and follow-up anytime there are earthquakes, too.

Joared--I feel for Californians who have had to endure the heat and smoke. Off and on, we've been sharing your smoke - thanks for sharing! Yesterday, my throat was raw by the time I went to bed. I had spent too much time working in the yard.

During my time in California, I wasn't as much a news junky as now I am. I pretty much learned what was going on from my hundreds/thousands of co-workers; but, I did get news from KCRW while in Los Angeles and KQED while in San Francisco. (I have no remembrance of the station I frequented while at Edwards AFB.)

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