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October 30, 2020


I moved my personal computers from IE to Firefox last year or so and made it my default browser. I really dislike Edge so do not use it on my own machines.

At work we have some stuff that won't work on Edge or Chrome (and Firefox for some reason won't remember our logins even if just opening a new tab), so we still use IE for some stuff. However, they have made Edge the default browser and it works for most applications - and if you open something from IE, it stays in IE (of course we cannot even open UTube from our work computers, so that is not a concern). I would assume that businesses that use IE have different support structures from MS than us unwashed masses :)

Like you, I don't understand the appeal of Edge

You triggered a memory of my having helped your dad download and install Firefox several months ago. But...that didn't ring true. Upon reflection, I realized it was Elder Brother who had asked me to help him get Firefox on the laptop that I gave him several years ago. I took all of the Norton stuff off of his machine and did a bit of cleanup of his hard drive while I was at it. Norton is a hog for space and operation and he only goes to one website, anyway - to keep track of the Friday closing prices of silver. Other than that, he only uses that machine to drive a printer that he cannot drive with his other machines. He's running DOS on one machine, Windows 97 on another, and he has another laptop that is even less capable than the miserable little Toshiba that I gave him (when I was at his house while he recovered from cardiac arrest).

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