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October 09, 2020


Your linked test wanted to make me a mining engineer.
Liz's test wanted to make me a manager.

Nothing exciting for me in either list :-(

Using the test you suggested, I found the most interesting results were that I was 27% Investigative, 23% conventional, 22% realistic. Then Artistic and Enterprising were 15 & 12% respectively. Then Social was at 2%. Well, I'm pretty sure this was a pretty good analysis although I'm surprised that Artistic was that high.

I hit at 100% Software Analyst, and most were various iterations of computer/software/database/systems type work. Not surprising since I'm not a social person and I do really like computers.

Surprisingly, Coroner was at 89% and Criminologist was at 85%. Not a thing on there about working with animals, plants or landscaping (things I like to work with in my free time, but dont' think I would be good at full time).

Then there was Geologist or Geology technician at 88%

Stu--Ah, well, what can we say? I went to a school of mining & metallurgy and I must say you've never struck me as being a mining engineer type - nor does a career in management seem to suit your personality as I perceive it. Perhaps we should come up with our own testing; but, first...let's finish our training in sociology?

Bogie--How about that - 100% software analyst? Right on. Somehow, you may have noticed, they wanted me to do your work with land/plants/animals. Completely out of the question, my working with animals! I really think they gave me a bunch of your likely professions rather than my own - agriculture? I can see you as geologist or criminologist, your other high scores.

BTW: Below are the "overall" results of my taking Liz's test at https://beta.nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/.

Your answers show that:
•you like dealing with complicated problems or working with numbers
•you are a creative person and enjoy coming up with new ways of doing things
•you like to lead other people and are good at taking control of situations
•you are sociable and find it easy to understand people

What the heck kind of question is this, "I try to think differently to others."? It must be a dialect thing and for me that would be "from" instead of "to"

My results:
Your answers show that:

* you like dealing with complicated problems or working with numbers
* you like to plan things and are well organised [sic - I know it can go either way]
* you are motivated, set yourself personal goals and are comfortable competing with other people

How tactful, not one peep about social / people skills :)

Top 3 Categories;
* Manufacturing; Chemical process operator, Automotive Engineer, Manufacturing Systems Engineer
* Science and Research; Biotechnologist, Data Analyst, Medical Physicist
* Business & Finance; Actuary

Hey Civil Engineer is a fun occupation. But I got Water Quality analyst, intelligence officer, industrial engineer and meteorologist as my top 4. All tied at 85%.

Bogie--The Brits do use their language a bit differently than do we. I noted the same syntax. Liz or Stu could sort it out for you. Your results are interestingly tactful.
; )

Ingineer--Some of us just have fun, whatever we are doing, eh? ("Civil Engineer", as they say, is an oxymoron.) I like that "intelligence officer". Wow!

different - from
similar - to :-)

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