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September 05, 2020


I’m surprised the bluebird’s egg isn't smaller in size.

What beautiful eggs and how sad they were left behind.

Joared--It is small. I think the smallness of the dish in which the eggs rest (2" diameter) makes them seem larger. [I made small dishes when I was set up to do pottery because I kept screwing up the larger ones on the wheel. A 5# chunk of clay might wind up being a dish such as that shown - lol.]

Liz--In the case of the wren, she raised at least two broods in other nests. I think the egg had something wrong with it. In the case of the bluebird, she had already raised two broods in this same nest. The weather became much too hot for her to be brooding, as late as these eggs were laid. Since Eastern bluebirds prefer to nest out in the open, away from trees and shrubs, the sun beats down unmercifully on the nesting box.

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