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September 11, 2020


Surely a piece of music that lasts that long would take nearly as long to write? Unless it's very repetitive. Sounds boring anyway!

I hope some of our more scare-mongering papers don't hear about the Reno man. I can just imagine the spin they'd put on it.

Liz--Oh, my yes, Cage's piece is repetitive. (He died several years before the organ began its recital.) I think that Cage was on magic mushrooms when he conceived his vile plan. From the linked posting, "When the piece officially started on 5 September 2001, it began without any sound. It was only on 5 February 2003, the day of the first chord change, that the first organ pipe chords could actually be heard inside the church." If I understand correctly, there is no change in the music - just continuous issuance of the chords for a few years - until the next chord change. As I wrote, above, "Just because one can do something does not mean that one must do it." I'm guessing that the sheet music is one or two pages.

As to the Reno man: I'm unable to imagine the spin you mention. The newspapers that I read mentioned the event, once, and dropped it. I must not read "more scare-mongering papers"?

The article states that the composition is only 8 pages. I can't imagine anyone wanting to listen to anything more than 5 minutes or so - although the first 2 years would have been okay because you couldn't hear it. The next chord lasted for over 6 years, then this one is to last until 2022. That suggests to me that it is the beat Time used on the composition - which I would guess is beats per year, not by beats per minute.

Well, if you look at Wikipedia, the author failed to provide a measure - it is the proportion of time for this piece (which was originally crated for piano) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/As_Slow_as_Possible

Bogie--You can tell that I read articles, meticulously - NOT. As to the "music": Nothing like driving people nuts for hundreds of years after your own demise.

Oh dear, the same chord for so long,g,g ... I’d go nuts listening.

Joared--With any foresight, they may have set the volume for the organ at about 30dB above ambient.

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