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September 26, 2020


Not good to have widow makers, hope he gets them taken care of soon.

Bogie--I've not yet heard from him. I'm thinking to chat with our insurance agent, tomorrow. That might light a fire. I want that stuff out of my way. The small, broken limbs are littering the lawn, so it must go before HH can mow in that area. Additionally, I have been putting in some work in that area, which I must now put on hold - and - I want my part of the work done before our tree guys come in a few weeks. I am glad that the trees were no larger than they were.

Glad you weren't out there!

WE have a couple of trees opposite us, on public land, both suffering - and dying - from ash die-back. Apparently the council is working its way around surveying the ash trees in the city. Hope they get to ours before it falls on our car!

Liz--Good luck in keeping those ash trees standing until the council takes care of them.

Fred finally noticed my email just before noon, yesterday, and brought his chain saw over. So far, he has gathered the small, broken limbs from within our lawn and taken out the trunk and main branches of the small/lower tree that fell. The wind came up, stopping progress. I don't think he can safely take out the larger/upper tree by himself. He replied to my email, asking what company does our tree work - which information (website URL & email address) I supplied. Knowing how busy they (JoJac's) are, it may be a while. I suggested that he let them know that his tree was in my yard, believing that they will do whatever they can to work his tree work in earlier.

Glad you were spared by the tree branch. Too bad the trees weren't taken care of sooner.

Joared--Thank you, I agree. You may note that, in the third photo there are actually three dead tree trunks from which the tops have snapped. The one on the left had come down two or three years ago - falling into the same area, blocking my steps down to the woods. Other than clearing what falls onto our lot, Fred has done no maintenance to his part of the woods since moving there four or five years ago.

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