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August 17, 2020


Apropos pinging the moon, your blog has been loading slower and slower over the past month. Currently taking about 20 seconds as seen from Yurp. Why?

And how slow is mine as seen from USA?

Stu--Either your or my blog loads in no longer than 1 second from here. As a check, I loaded my other blog which has a lot more "crap" on it (videos) and it took just under 2 seconds. (I didn't try to put a stop watch on any of the three cases as my reflexes are too slow to make it mean anything, so I'm going by my internal "clock".)

I don't know if it helps: The download speed with my computer through our Wi-Fi is 9.59 Mbps as measured, just now, using Measurement Lab.

It's not the transatlantic ping. Other US blogs are quite fast (3-5 secs)
Most wait is for code.jquery.com
Second wait (multiple waits) is for jelliclecat.typepad.com.

But a reload of the same page is almost instantaneous (cache result?)

Typepad sometimes has problems; but, in loading friends' blogs that take much longer to load (for me) than does my own blog, they are not taking longer than usual these days. For instance, Ronni's blog (in my right hand sidebar (Some of my) Blog Friends) is taking 6 or 7 seconds. Definitely caching makes a huge difference. I thought about deleting my cache; but, for reasons I won't go into, didn't wish to do that at this time.

CC's blog does not load slowly for me, <1 second. It is actually much faster than it used to be on my old computer that I retired last summer (or, more accurately, it retired itself). Probably the new modem and router that I got about the same time were helpful in the speed up.

As for sleep, I usually get 5-6 hours of sleep. I wake up naturally, and on weekdays I usually wake up about an hour before my alarm is set to go off at 4 am.

Bogie--Thanks for the feedback. It's helpful to have another data point.

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