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August 29, 2020


I was never stressed flying a plane or even a hang-glider.
But put me on a wobbly ladder :-(

Stu--Just be sure that you're wearing clean underwear when you get on that ladder. Ladder

I couldn't figure out why my mother got so excited when my dad, then in his mid-70s, went up on my roof in Albuquerque to help me with my annual roof-mounted cooling unit's maintenance/repair - until - in my mid-70s, when I was on a ladder cleaning out our eave guttering. I'm with you. I'm no longer as comfortable being atop a ladder of any sort. Wonder how I'll be in my 90s? (Dead?)

I must admit to having been stressed while flying a couple of times - when the engine quit unexpectedly. And...I completely panicked the first couple of times that I let loose of the airplane strut when learning to parachute. Never tried hang-gliding even though a couple of hang-gliders landed "in my back yard", having leapt from Sandia Crest.

Only once did I have an engine-out in a single, but was within gliding distance of an airfield, so no stress. Mind you, I did have to land downwind. A PAN call cleared the pattern for me though. We flying instructors practice engine-outs an awful lot, with each and every student, hence no stress.

Stu--You and Bogie are much braver than am I, putting all of those miles on your respective bikes. That's scarier, to me, than parachuting.

BTW: Every six months or annually, at least, I would grab a flight instructor to go do unusual attitude recoveries. I stayed pretty solid with them.

I have worked on some highway projects in the mountains where the operators climbed up some crazy stuff, but that looks a little too crazy. One project we found out the next day why a guy that is normally good at his job wasn’t doing much work on the side of a cliff. He was afraid of heights, so they found another job for him and got a different guy for the cliff.

Ingineer--It did occur to me that the photo may have been shopped; but, I'm not competent to judge. Your story is interesting. Who would blame anyone for not wanting to work on cliff sides?

Had been meaning to check with you on how the fires have been treating you this time around. I told Hunky Husband that I didn't really have a good feel for where you are, now, but neither did I look it up.

Thank you for your concern. I did live in Chico, which is near Paradise, the site of the horrific fire two years ago. But we moved last year to Roseville just east of Sacramento. We have been inundated with smoke and ash, but are in no real danger from any of the fires. They seem to be everywhere this year and just when the smoke seems to be clearing, it comes back. It has been at least 3 weeks of looking out the window at what appears to be a dreary winter day and then you walk out and realize that it is 100 degrees and smells bad.

Ingineer--Poor California is taking a beating from COVID-19 and the fires. I did recall that you had moved, amazingly enough. I had heard that the bay area was nearly surrounded by fires and couldn't recall (without looking it up) the location of your new home. Sorry about your air quality and heat being so awful, but glad that (so far) you are okay.

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