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July 23, 2020


I like that finish - hopefully it is easy to clean. I never would have thunk of 3 racks.

Bogie--Supposedly the finish repels fingerprinting. We shall see. Of course, without the flash from my camera the finish would have looked better. I was amazed. "They" minimized the clearance to the floor and cabinet such that the bottom two racks are about the same spacing (but lower to the floor) than were the two racks in the old GE dishwasher. If I recall correctly, Either or both of the upper racks come out if one needs the clearance for really tall stuff in the bottom rack. I'll probably run a load of dishes tonight or tomorrow. Then I'll have more judgement. The only negative, so far, is that the inside is stainless steel instead of enamel. That means that, eventually, the droplets of water on the inside may damage the finish. In the Owner's Manual, they caution that chemical buildup from such droplets become unsightly and may even degrade performance (not sure I understand how).

Yesterday, I read the installation instructions in the Owner's Manual. Very well written. I am impressed! After reading it, I decided that (with a little help from your dad) I could have made the installation, myself - in a month or two. It took Cecil about four hours. I'm pretty sure that most of that time was spent reading/re-reading instructions on how to center the machine in the hole and get it leveled.

In Zac's the dishwasher has three layers including a narrow one at the top for cutlery. I didn't notice it until it was pointed out to me. A useful style.

Liz--I like it. (Please see added photos.)

I thought it looked "taller" than the old dishwasher, but it is actually "lower" - LOL. Thanks for the picture of it loaded, looks like you still have plenty of room in that bottom rack.

Bogie--Yes, the inside height is greater than was the old one because it takes up more of the opening at bottom & at top. I filled in most of the room in the bottom rack and ran the load last night. New dishwashers take longer to cycle than did the old - running on "Normal" takes a bit over two hours, but it is definitely quieter (even though we thought the old one was quiet). I have found one thing that I really, really don't like, of course: the silverware basket.

There are actually two silverware baskets that are attached end-to-end; but, unlike the baskets in the old dishwasher, I cannot disconnect the two baskets. They are held together by the handle which, in itself, is a nuisance to me. One of these days I'll get gutsy enough to remove the handle; but, unlike in the old machine, the handle can only be removed destructively. What will take care is to destroy the handle without harming the baskets since the handle wraps clear around the bottom in a single piece of plastic that has ears molded through openings in the baskets. Unfortunately, I didn't think to remove the baskets from the old machine.

BTW: It takes a noticeably lower bend of my body to load/unload that bottom shelf.

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