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July 18, 2020


Well that clog was a NASTY surprise - especially at end of day. Glad the plumber was able to get there fairly quickly and your dishwasher arrived.

Your eye pictures are different from what I was expecting. I expected a frontal shot straight to the retina - in which the floaters are clearly visible as black dots (and in the case of my left eye, a mass). I also have not had the angiogram.

Bogie--The surprise was not pleasant; but, I am pleased that the clog happened before Cecil got around to installing the dishwasher. Can you imagine the clamor had the overflow happened while he was checking out the dishwasher installation? I would not have been happy.

I finished up, last evening, by putting what little goes back into the drawers and cabinets and scrubbing the carpeting with "Spot Shot". All better, now.

Interesting that the photos were not what you expected - especially since what you describe is what I was expecting. We gets what we gets. I couldn't hazard a guess as to why the technology used on you differs from that used on me. I must assume that our respective doctors know what to do.

Goodness, that was a lot of cleaning up! You must have been exhausted for sure. I feel kind of guilty reading about your eye exam because I have not had one since 2014 – I was going to this spring, but with the covid was afraid to go anywhere.
It’s fortunate that you found a good plumber – not an easy task.

Hi, Vagabonde. Long time no....

Surprisingly enough since the cleaning up was mostly done in the wee hours of the morning, I didn't feel worn out. Maybe my lack of having done much housekeeping since January accumulated the energy for me. Who would have thought? One or two years ago, we had a backup of plumbing at the other end of the house. Since "our" local plumber had retired by then, I called the company that does our HVAC work - which company had bought out an electrical shop and a plumbing shop a few years ago. The guy they sent out was pretty worthless. I knew where the clog had to be, but he kept insisting it was tree roots in the main line in our front yard, with which he was not equipped to cope. He did, however, call a buddy of his at a company that specializes in such adventures. The buddy came to the same conclusion and, for some inexplicable reason, had not brought equipment with him that would do.

I finally bullied the young man into using the equipment that he did have with him to attack the clog that I had "pinpointed" to an area that could easily be reached by that equipment. Voile! He cleared the clog. Thus, I tried that company for this work. It wasn't the same guy, but Dennis did a good job.

The coronavirus has driven you to more blogging, I venture. I'm happy that you at least have a cat! Thanks for dropping in.

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