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July 11, 2020


Wow, that was a lot of stuff to cover in one post.

I can see HH wearing your pants - with the hems up to his knees most likely :)

Sorry to hear KS is experiencing an uptick in Covid-19. NH steadily climbs, but we have never hit a high hospitalization rate, and death rate is fairly low (mostly in Senior living homes). Seems that the hope that the virus would not do well in heat was in vain.

That was wicked good luck and timing on your street sweeper. Unlike my timing which usually means the snow plow comes by just after I'm completely done snow blowing and have just walked back into the house.

Maybe next time have HH print out a copy of what he wants to review (not hand written - we both know nobody could read that). Pretty sure that advice would be ignored, or forgotten, but always worth a try.

I have a vertical stripe of haze in my right eye now, from something similar to your issue. It is weird because the tear seems to be at the far right of my vision (according to where I see the "lightning" flashes). But, the haze is toward the middle of my line of sight, actually crossing from side to side as I move my eye. If the "lightning" doesn't go away (it has been getting smaller, slowly), then my doctor will send me to a specialist. Like you, not sure they can do anything.

Floaters - yeah, mine "float" too. I can shake my head and make the large cluster in my left eye move out of the way during vision tests. Who knew they were "attached". Maybe they area attached to a tether so they get limited movement. Seeing the floaters in pictures is always so weird.

Bogie--No, the hem of the pants fell just shy of the top of HH's shoes. Because he is so much taller than am I, people assume that his legs are much longer than mine; but, no, maybe 1/2" or 1", and I take up that much because the girth of my thighs is larger than his. (The first real jeans that I ever wore were your dad's, when we were in school, and they fit fine, even when I was pregnant, since the waistband fell so low.) I doubt that HH would have worn my pants had they fallen short on him. I had asked him if he had a pair of shorts; but, his shorts have metal zippers. He had to wear the mask that the Dr's office had given him because the mask that I made him has a piece of wire in the nose area - to fit.

It is my understanding that, recently, NH and VT are the only states not showing an increase in COVID-19 cases. (Maybe they said increase in hospitalizations?) Well done! Even in the waiting room of the MRI suite (I waited 45 minutes in the car before going in to see if HH had finished, but spent about five minutes in the waiting room), the other two people were talking about how COVID-19 is a hoax and they didn't see why they had to wear a mask. After all, neither of them personally knew anyone who had come down with COVID-19 - an indictment of our school system of 60 years ago that they were passed without learning much about math (or is that snarky of me?)

Your dad, being the list-maker that he is, I cannot imagine that he had not made a list and I cannot account for what happened. Maybe next time (in another three years?) I can find a graceful excuse to insist upon going with him.

I do wish you had chosen among the pieces of DNA more wisely, Sweetheart. (How's that for blaming the victim?) I do not and have not experienced the light flashes one is told to look for - maybe because I don't pay enough attention. The hemorrhage has made my normal "blind spot" larger. If I started noticing flashes, I would be at Dr Agpoon's office, post haste.

As to attachment of floaters: I don't know about other floaters although it would make sense that those floaters that result from retinal tears might stay attached. My huge floater (my theory, you understand) is probably attached because it is the product of laser surgery. The surgery is performed by using a laser to zap perforations around the clouded structure that comprised my secondary cataract. That also accounts (in my mind) for the floater staying as a varying but coherent blob. (I know that floaters are not made of "rods", but that is how mine looks!)

The outline of my floater is 5-pointed-star with a tail like a Manta Ray's. The apparent fine, black "rods" of the outline move about to change the appearance, but the basic shape has remained unchanged in the five years since the surgery.) I've never seen a photo of floaters. I'll have to ask when I see the specialist next Tuesday. The rest of my floaters? For many years I've compared my vision to looking at the world through a lace curtain they are so numerous.

Hope HH enjoyed the cross dressing experience - but not too much.

Wales is doing reasonably well in Covid terms but we've been slower than England to lift restrictions

Hmmmm; what a great cultural difference we have between Kansas and Germany.
In Yurp, we don't post about others health or lack thereof.
The DSGVO sets legal limits regarding data privacy.
Of course, you can post about your OWN (bad?) eyesight if you want to, but don't be surprised if nanny state then confiscates your driving licence, just to give a (perhaps extreme) example.
But it's a no-no to discuss the health etc of private persons. At a minimum, it is indiscreet.

Now public persons can be the subject of conjecture (e.g. "Is DJT sane?" ) as long as you steer clear of libel,
but that is similar eveywhere I imagine.

Liz--I see nothing wrong with cross dressing. I don't even know why it is a "thing". Congratulations to Wales. Glad for the update.

Stu--OMG. Thanks for the chortle. We have a little thing called "freedom of speech" over here. I do not fear our government. I may judge some of its members a bit strange, but I do not fear that they will come get me for keeping our family informed as to health status. "Youngsters" are concerned with how their elders are doing, so I try to let our family know what's up with us, and I have HH's and EB's permission to do so. Were I a healthcare professional, I would need to protect the privacy of my patients/clients; but, I am not.

As to my eyesight: I am perfectly legal to drive - as long as I am wearing the appropriate corrective lenses (just as has been the case since my first driver's license that was issued when I was 22 - yikes! - 60 years ago!)

If you had flashes, you would know it. It is literally like seeing lightning out of the corner of my eye - and it moves as my eye moves, and flickers like lightning (so it isn't always "on"). It only appears in low light situations. However, when it first happened, I could see it just by closing my eyes.

Bogie--You are right. The photos of the floaters are weird. My right eye looks pretty "normal"; but, my left? Oh, my goodness. Yours probably looks even more my goodness.

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