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July 26, 2020


Good for you if you can move like that for the videos duration — keep on movin’!

Oh, now, Joared, however could you imagine that I could move as does Candy? Not in my wildest dreams - probably not even had I tried when I was in my 20s or 30s and weighed 110 pounds. I use the tempo, not the moves. Forty years ago, we were advised during aerobics classes to modify moves to fit our wonts. My wonts, these days, are considerably less dynamic. Thanks for the chuckle.

The page at the Memorial Spaceflight link includes the following information:

"Watching the video of her dance in the end credits of Beach Party makes it easy to understand why she was so appreciated by the audiences of her day. It also makes it easy to believe her amazing daily routine: Due to the intensity and duration of her performances, Johnson lost at least three to four pounds during the course of any given show, which she gave several times per day. So she ate six meals daily and slept 12 hours each night. One statistician estimated that, over the course of a four-year period, Johnson lost approximately 7,000 pounds!"

"Her routines are entirely impromptu, depending on how she happens to feel at the moment, although she usually uses some 192 different steps during each performance. There is nothing really suggestive about any of her motions, which include variations of the twist, the frog and all its cousins, what used to be called the shimmy and even a twinge of the hula.

"Her costume is exceedingly modest, a knee-length, breastbone-high dress covered with fringe. It may stretch out of shape here and there due to the violence of her convolutions but if anyone expects to see anything he shouldn't, he might as well stay home.

"Each of these dresses is custom made and has three different linings to absorb the perspiration -- "You might as well call it sweat," Candy says. "I sweat like a horse." She has to order several dozen a year.

"Her shapely legs are encased in nylons with no shoes. She wears out a pair each time she is on the stage (or on the tables, where she can be found part of the time). One year, at a guess, she claimed an income tax exemption of $1,800 for stockings. The government objected and she dug up receipts that totaled $2,500. There are no more squawks."

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