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July 08, 2020


Wow, I'm envious!
You certainly have a large selection of binoculars!
But I have a pair of nautical binoculars with a built-in compass, so you can read off the magnetic track to whatever (landmark) you are looking at :-)
With 2 targets, you can do triangulation to get your position on a map.

Stu--Cool! I don't recall ever seeing nautical binoculars let alone using them. How did you come to be in possession? (Doubtful it is that such binoculars would adjust to my 52mm interpupillary distance.)

52? Wow! Mine is 78 :-)

Stu--Your depth perception is undoubtedly far superior to mine.

Funny that you mentioned your eyes being close together - I thought it was just me. The binoculars that broke barely get close enough (I would actually like a little closer). However, not being a birder, they were plenty good enough for my use.

Your pictures on the eyecup positions made me realize that at some point I lost the left cup. But I rarely ever use with glasses, since my contacts help reduce other vision challenges I have besides the distance thing. Heck, I might have taken that eyecup off since my left eye corrected, at times, is much worse than my right eye corrected (vision acuity in both eye changes many times thru the day), and maybe that gave me just enough "extra" that was needed.

I am amazed at the count of binoculars you've owned. I have only owned the 1 pair.

Bogie--I take it as my responsibility to assure that all members of our family are equipped with working binoculars. Please see the comment that I left on your blog.

Something that I failed to mention in the above posting is that in the early 1990s, I took my "graduation" binoculars in for cleaning and servicing - for the first time since I received them in 1955. This was previous to the time that the same guy had sold me the 8x32 Leitz. He had previously chided me for my "bad" habit of cleaning off the lenses by huffing my breath and wiping with a tissue. He assured me that the acid in my saliva would etch the lenses (of course, the binoculars were 30+ years old at the time.) When he took them apart to clean my binoculars, he found the lenses in great condition - pristine, he called it. I still huff on lenses. However, the whole point of this paragraph is to say that he told me he could no longer get parts for my binoculars. Within a couple of years the focus mechanism seized and they've not been used since.

Nice collection. I have several friends that are pleased with their Vortex optics. They are a good medium price product.

Thanks for the input, Ingineer. I think that Vortex puts out a wide range of products. My own pair of Vortex cost what I would subjectively label inexpensive, being well aware that my judgement is swayed by how much I prize binoculars. If I had to buy a baseball bat, I would judge anything over $10 expensive - lol.

I checked the website for birders for which I gave the link at the bottom of the posting. They divide binoculars into price ranges as follow: Economy (Under $200); Mid-Priced ($200-$500); Top-Affordable ($500-$1,000); Best of the Best Over $1000. The particular Vortex binoculars that I bought fall slightly above the middle of economy class while all of my Leitz binoculars have fallen in the best of the best class - not that I paid full price on any of my Leitz binoculars. I got powerfully good deals on them.

That is funny. Yes everything is perspective. Based on the other brands that you purchase, I was thinking Vortex might be inexpensive, but I didn’t want to offend anybody and compared to my standards they are middle of the road. I have a cheap pair of Nikons in my boat, but my rifle has an ACOG scope on it for nothing more than punching holes in paper or killing the occasional soda can.

Ingineer--My late sister-in-law loved her Nikon binoculars. I don't know what model/price range she bought; but, Nikon doesn't put out junk, so I suspect that your cheap pair of Nikons is good. I'm not familiar with any scope, let alone an ACOG, but please take it easy on paper and aluminum - endangered species - NOT.

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