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June 05, 2020


Ma’am, I’m going to need you to take care of yourself.

Also, it is interesting that you post the statistical data about ER visits. While this time of year is typically slow for skilled rehabs, we have seen an up tick in admissions, especially due to deconditioning. We didn’t anticipate (stupidly now that it is in our face) what would happen to those who no longer went out and about due to COVID concerns.

Glad you are feeling better, please hydrate and stay healthy. If you don’t want to talk politics on your blog, that is fine. There are 20 million other places to talk politics these days. Personally I kind of enjoy that about this place.

Now to respond to your ER visits post, hopefully this doesn’t cross the politics line. Yes we are partially a nation of hypochondriacs. There are plenty of people that go there that do not need to visit an ER. Some just have the flu or a cold, some take their kids there because they are worried new parents, some are seeking drugs and or attention. And due to an ER visit being “free” for a portion of the population, many just show up with a list of complaints. And more seriously during this pandemic, many truly sick folks are skipping the ER which in some cases had lead to deaths, which is very sad. Like many issues, there is not one simple answer.

I don't understand why someone would complain about, or at least feel the need to discuss, the lack of political ranting on your blog. One can find that pretty much anywhere and that is why I stay away from it on my blog and FB page.

I'm extremely you lived thru all your symptoms!

I wonder what the percent drop of ER visits was for work-related injuries? Most work places require you visit the ER after an incident - and the #1 incident at my workplace is trips and falls (sprains & strains). Not saying there aren't hypocondriacs, just a thought. Also, I know that in NH, there was a campaign for people NOT to avoid ER's, Dr.s visits or calling for emergency help. There was a large uptick in people dying from things like heart attacks, strokes and other serious conditions that are usually mitigated by medical intervention.

R--What a pleasant surprise to have you leave a comment! Yes, I'm old enough to know better, aren't I? I do miss going to the gym for my workouts and, of course, have not really kept my strength up as could be the case if I would break down and use Hunky Husband's weights. I don't wish to upset him by not leaving them exactly the way I found them (which way, of course, I wouldn't recall very well) and he is getting so that small things upset him more than they used to do. Thank you for dropping in.

Ingineer--Thank you for your sage advice in your comment. I tend not to think of hypochondria as a political issue - lol. I think that some people, lacking a primary care medical team of their own, don't know of better options than an emergency room visit. I'm happy to see more "urgent care" clinics opening up - a better option for many, I'm sure. Having never visited an emergency room, I'm not even sure what one would expect to find there. HH and I have primary care physicians who are not the same person but who belong to the same practice. They offer "urgent care" for limited hours, seven days per week, each physician taking a turn (by day or by week, I don't know). That's where I took HH when he broke his wrist and I've dropped in a couple of times for acute infection treatment.

Bogie--As to politics and why anyone would care, I plead guilty to entering into the occasional political discussion on a couple of other peoples' blogs. (Does that make me one who takes advantage of them? Probably.)

I take it that there is a "glad" missing from your second paragraph? There were a couple of times at Cessna when I needed to get a physician's clearance before going back to work (once a fall in the icy parking lot, the other for indigestion that they feared was a heart attack when I was 65), but neither required a trip to an emergency room - didn't even occur to me. On the fall, I saw a nurse practitioner at KU School of Medicine for my knee, and on the other I ended up enduring an EKG, treadmill test, and a thallium treadmill test - none of which showed anything wrong with my heart. If anyone cares, my legs gave out on the 2nd treadmill test before my cardio-pulmonary system cried "uncle" at 10.5 min on Bruce exercise protocol - max heart rate 166 (107% of max predicted for age), max bp 160/70 - concluded: most likely dealing with false positive EKG.

Yes, there should be a "glad" there :)

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