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June 28, 2020


Your tomatoes look good. Ours aren't ready yet. And hawks on your fence! wow!

Five small tomatoes don't last long and I see no red showing on any more tomatoes; but, they taste great! The hawks spend most of their time "hunting" from a low, horizontal branch of a large black walnut tree at the new edge to the woods. They are funny to watch walking, foot-over-foot along that branch to get to their preferred roosting spot. We couldn't see them "hunting" until I took out some of the smaller trees that had been at the old edge to the woods.

I saw some of those "Large Red Cherry" tomato plants at the local ag store and didn't get any because of the contradiction in the name.

Seems like you are right and a new dishwasher would be the best bet so you don't have to worry about a "fixed" one needing more fixes in the near future.

The pheobe was probably "anting" - yes that is a real thing.

Bogie--I think the "large...cherry" means "not grape" tomatoes. The grapes are cute, but I don't think they have the same taste as the "true" cherry tomatoes.

Yes, I don't need to be taking care of cascading or sequential failures. Our new Kitchenaid is on order. Their email said that they were experiencing a high volume of orders so the online "3-7 days delivery" would actually be more like 10 days, and subject to change. Cecil opted not to pick it up at Lowes; but, I'm to call him when the dishwasher is sitting in our garage and he will come install it for us. (He was willing to tell whatever client he was working for at the time that he needed a day to come do the dishwasher; but, I asked him not to inconvenience any of his other clients. We can wait our turn.) I'm having him do it for two reasons: 1) Lowe's wanted me to call them to set up installation BEFORE placing my order; but, I was spending 30 minutes at a time waiting for a real person to come on the line and I don't play that game if I can help it. 2) If anyone is going to be in our house, it may as well be someone who has been here and worked with me before - to minimize the time I will have to be near enough to talk with the installer. I'll wear one of my masks, anyway, of course.

I hadn't thought about anting. The location would have been (not great but) OK for anting; but, the phoebe didn't move a muscle for the minute or two that it was there. Formic acid must be a good anti-mite chemical.

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